Eric Pulier’s Achievements In The Technology Industry

Eric Pulier is a successful tech expert. He is also known for his business acumen, authorship skills, and public speaking. His interest in entrepreneurship is motivated by disruptive opportunities created by the convergence of significant market trends. Using the this strategy, Eric realized the opportunity created by macro elements such as proven game mechanics, mobile GPS, the block chain technology and the rise of digital goods. This knowledge inspired him to establish vAtomic Systems to develop digital products out of games. As a creative, Eric notes down new ideas that cross his mind. Later, he brainstorms these ideas before executing them. He tackles daunting problems by using writing mechanics to come up with creative solutions. Eric believes that an entrepreneur should be persistent and flexible to be able to achieve his or her desired results.

Eric Pulier enrolled in Harvard University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988. While at Harvard, Eric authored PulierLeg, a weekly column on Harvard Crimson Weekly. He was also the journal’s editor. Over the years, Eric incorporated numerous companies, including US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Akana, ServiceMesh, Desktone and Media Platform. In addition, he has participated in the development of different corporations such like eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures. Eric has invested in multiple seed level companies, most of which are highly successful. Mr. Pulier has authored different publications, including Understanding Enterprise SOA, and The Enterprise Industrial Complex, which was published on Forbes.

Eric Pulier’s tech career came to the limelight during the 2nd inauguration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. He was appointed to develop and run an event themed “Bridge to 21st Century.” Most leading television stations in the country covered the event. In addition, he aired a live feed from the space shuttle. Over the years, Eric has used technology to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare, education sector, entertainment and government. He has participated in numerous charity initiatives, especially those that use technology to improve people’s lives. Eric supports XPRIZE, a non-profit charitable foundation. The executive serves on the board of Painted Turtle, a foundation that supports children diagnosed with chronic illnesses. He is also the brain behind Starbright World.


E-governe’s Rich History in Data and Technology

As a data and technology company, E-governe has shown that they can be really successful. This is something that they work to prove time and again but they have had a long history of being able to show people that they are able to do different things. Since E-governe has worked so hard to become what they are, they will be able to continue that tradition for a long time. When the company first got started on, they had a clear vision for where they wanted to be and that gave them a chance to be able to do more and try more with the options that they had. It was a great way for them to make things better.

Starting out, E-governe focused on the technological aspect of different things. It was something that they were able to do both easily and successfully because that is where they came from. With a technology outlook in different parts of the areas that they were in, they knew how to handle technology and knew what to do when there were different new options that were available to people who they traditionally worked with. It was something that gave them the edge over all of the other people who were in the technology field.

As E-governe grew, so did the need for more options that they would be able to provide to their clients. One of the first options that they had after technology was the ability to process data. Not only can they create data and put it into spreadsheets and other types of information but they can also provide the analysis of the data. They show their clients what they are looking for and what they will be able to do according to the different types of data that are included with the packages at

It is important to note that the security portion of the company came soon after the data. They realized that, because they had so much data that they were dealing with, they had to make sure that they were doing what they could to keep it secure. Instead of keeping the data information to themselves like many other companies chose to do, E-governe decided to offer their security solutions as a part of their packages that they showed people on It was a great way for them to make sure that they were going to be able to do new things and have new options for all of their clients.

The last part of E-governe is the customer service aspect of the company. They have an entire team of people who are dedicated to making sure that the people who are a part of the company are satisfied with what they have. This is something that they have worked to build up and something that they are going to continue to work on while they get bigger. Anyone who has questions about the offerings of E-governe can go directly to customer support and get the answers that they need.

Wengie Breaks Down Must Know Hair Hacks


Everyone who knows me understands I am crazy about two things, life hacking and my hair. Life hacking for those that have never heard the term before, refers to the unusual and sometimes downright strange ways you can vastly improve your life with simple changes and tricks.


Sometimes my two passions collide and not always with the best results, my latest hair hacking adventure left my hair smelling like a beer omelet for longer than I would have ever liked.


Wengie Helps Your Hair Game with These Life Hacks


Luckily for me and everyone else, Youtube starlet Wengie helps us cut through the mess of questionable hacks to cut to the core and find only the most useful hair hacks.


Sometimes the Best Hacks are the Easiest


Not every life hack has to involve busting out the glue gun and earning an engineering degree, sometimes the most useful life hacks are the ones that we should have been doing all along. Adding to the list of should this be a hack for how amazingly simple and obvious it is, Wengie’s first hair hack involves food.


No you’re not going to have to make an egg and beer leave in conditioner or marinate your head like a salad for this one.


For this Wengie hair hack, you simply need to pay attention to what you eat and make sure you’re getting enough essential vitamins. This holds true to the statement, “what you put in is what you get out.”


Adam Milstein’s most recent accolade from the London-based organizations, Richtopia and Rise.

It is an undeniable fact that social media is a big part of Millennials’ lives. Influential icons including the current president of the United States understand that most people log into various platforms to keep up with rising trends and connect with their leaders. Since the launch of Myspace, new and more upbeat forums are now available to almost every country on the planet. Most recently, this month of April 2017, Adam Milstein earned recognition from Rise for his powerful philanthropic presence on social media and ranks number 187. Adam received a name as one of the two hundred most influential Do-Gooders internationally, by the awarding platform, Richtopia, which has its office in London.


By taking a quick look at Adam Milstein’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts, it is clear that he holds dear his philanthropic and political ventures. Adam continually shares his insights on various topics such as the Holocaust, terrorism and the lives of refugees. Adam Milstein stated that his humanitarian work is the most valuable thing to him. He expressed his gratitude to Rise for the recognition and thanked his lifetime supporter, his wife, and various Jewish organizations. Adam’s wife, Gila Milstein, is an equally passionate humanitarian who co-owns The Milstein Family Foundation with Adam. Adam revealed that the team’s work is meant to support the Jewish culture to help Jews and the Israeli nation in the US.


Adam Milstein is a former Israeli Defense Forces militant who fought in the Yom Kippur war. He earned a degree in economics and business and began his career in real estate by working for his father. Adam pursued a master’s in business administration from Southern California and relocated to the United States with his wife Gila in 1981. He is the co-owner of the Israeli-American Council and holds various administrative posts with other organizations such as the Israeli on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, AIPAC, and Hasbara Fellowships. Adam has received multiple accolades for his support of the Jewish people and continues to attract key supporters such as Michelle Obama, Eric Trump, J.K Rowling and Elton John.



Highland Capital Management, Still Helping People Invest Decades Later

When it comes to investments, everyone wants theirs in safe hands, and Highland Capital Management has been helping their clients with much-needed advice on investments. The company was the brainchild of Mark Okada and James Dondero who founded it in 1993, and it had since become the biggest and most experienced alternative credit managers globally. Some of the services that the company offers its clients include collateralized loan obligations, (CLOs), credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts as well as special-situation private equity. Other services by the company include emerging markets, natural resources, and long-short equities. The total property of the company stand at 18.7 billion USD, and it has employed 180 employees to run its operations all over the world.





The headquarters of Highland Capital Management are in Dallas Texas, but the company maintains other offices in towns such as New York, Seoul, Sao Paolo and Singapore. The company boasts a diversified client base as well that includes high-net-worth people, financial institutions, corporations, public pension plans, foundations, endowments, financial institutions, fund of funds and government. The healthcare sector has also attracted the firm, and now it offers unique expertise within the healthcare industry, and this includes fixed income, equity as well as loan assets that are under management amounting to $2 billion. The firm has also participated in the sector via multiple market cycles as well as the management of long books and short books. The team tasked with healthcare management includes nine specialist and analysts in the sector that cover 400 stocks in life science, pharmaceutical biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare services. The company has its focus on independent thinking within a collaborative environment that encourages investment and deep research.




Social Responsibility



The community around Highland Capital Management is a grave concern to the company, and it has taken steps to invest it the surrounding communities of their employees. They also participate in community upgrade through financial donations, advisory board involvement, and volunteerism. It is not only the local community that benefits from financial contributions but national nonprofit organizations as well. Since 2005, the company and its partners have given about $10 million to various organizations globally.


Cancer is No Match for Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky has done many things with businesses that have made them better than what they were in the past. These things include making businesses stronger, creating larger client bases and allowing people the chance to see how the business can help them. Things are no different with his new company, Tempus. The company was designed for people who have cancer and the people who support them while they are fighting the battle against cancer. It is a great company that has given them the help that they need in different instances and has allowed them the chance to see better days despite their disease.

With all of the business experience that Eric has, he had not doubt that he would be able to make cancer cures a reality for the people who he was working to help. That was something that he knew from the beginning and something that he was going to be able to do to make the lives of many different people better. He also wanted to be sure that people were going to be able to enjoy different aspects of life despite the fact that they were fighting cancer so he did everything that he could to build the business.

Even though Lefkofsky is really good at managing businesses and making things better for most people, he did not have the biological knowledge that he needed to be able to fight cancer and learn the different aspects of it. For that reason, he hired a professional who would be able to help him have a better understanding and come up with more options for things that he could use while the people were dealing with cancer. It was something that he was confident in and something that he wanted to make sure was going to work for him. Read Full Article Here .

There were many times when cancer was just something that he had to deal with but it was also something that allowed him the chance to make things better for other people. He learned how to turn something bad into something good to help other people. for more .

The Success of Stephen Rotella in Corporate America

Stephen Rotella is a man with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge in corporate America. He is well versed in risk management, capital markets, banking, wealth management, mergers, and acquisitions as well strategic management. Rotella also possesses a know how in executive management, financial analysis, mortgage advancing, private and public equities, hedge funds, corporate finance and startup capital advancement. Stephen Rotella is proficient in two languages, English and Italian.

Stephen Rotella holds a Degree in Economics from the Stony Brook University. He is also a Master of Business Administration, Degree holder from the University of Albany, SUNY. In the year 1978, Rotella began his career in financial services, the same year he attained his postgraduate. He started as a Senior Consultant at Accenture fulfilling various duties assigned to his post. After a successful two years at Accenture, he moved to The Reserve Group where he served in the capacity of the Vice President of Product Development and more information click here.

His career continued to progress, and in 1984 he became the Vice President of Shearson Lehman Incorporation. When an opportunity arose for him to advance his career further, he never failed to take the chance. After Shearson, he served as the CEO of J.P. Morgan. Some of his responsibilities at J.P. Morgan included but were not limited to major operations within the company such developing business and management strategies and overseeing their execution. Stephen Rotella had a cumulative 18 years of exemplary leadership at the Chase Home Finance.

His contributions made him an admirable figure in corporate America. According to John F. Doyle, Rotella’s stint at J.P. Morgan was highly decorated and fruitful as far as the success of the company is concerned. After J.P. Morgan, he moved picked the role of CEO and President at WaMu. Later, relocated to New York after becoming the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management company. Stephen Rotella is also an active member of the prestigious National Association of Corporate Directors.

Stephen Rotella is also involved in philanthropy. He has an unending commitment towards noble causes that seek to alleviate poverty, protect minors, and civil rights, empower people and create political awareness among people and contact him.

Audi Cassio And The Brazilian Economy

Brazil is living one of its biggest economic crisis in the nation’s history, something that began short after the soccer world cup Was headquartered in the country. Living with the constant fear of increasing inflation and of losing commercial deals with other nations, this directly affects their Investment management philosophies.


Now, more than ever, the country is valuing exportation of national products, which includes coffee grains, Iron ore and steel, petroleum, Soy and derived products, among others that are core to their traditional exportation menus. The Brazilian Economy is in recession, which means that the investment in importation is at an all-time low. They experienced one of the strongest currency devaluation since they went from colony to independent country.


The Brazilian community is also having to change their way of investing and living. As the years have progressed, Brazil is overcoming the harsh crisis, but the community got smarter. By investing in savings accounts, guarantee funds and properties, the people are now ensuring that they would be able to survive another downgrade, especially since the availability of employment fell downhills in that period. This kind of investment was not as popular before the world cup.


A very famous and accomplished investment manager in Brazil is the Financial Manager Cassio Audi. Having worked for more than five enterprises in the country, he is an ever-growing businessman that has a lot to teach on how to survive and even profit from such a crisis. Audi possesses leadership and analyzing skills that have brought their clients to earn more profit.


Audi Cassio has more than 23 years of experience with finances and investment decisions. He is a planner and an analyzer that has created strategies for many companies to gain profit from their market. Among his best positions, he was Finance Director at P&G, Chief Financial Officer at Rossi Residential, where he later became CEO in 2013. He then became Managing Director for GVMI, an investment company.

What’s Next For Capital Anesthesiology Association?

If you haven’t heard by now, the U.S. is home to one of the very best independent practices of anesthesiology. This organization has a ton of medical personnel that are of the highest of quality. With around 130 certified registered nurses and up to 80 physicians, this organization is also one of the largest independent practices of doctors and nurses who specializes in the topic at hand.

If you haven’t figured it out by now this organization is (CAA) or Capital Anesthesiology Association. Some of the highest of standards are present under this huge roof and all aspects of clinical aspects are performed here.Patients will receive the safest most comfortable experience thanks to the organizations super high standards. There isn’t another similar independent practice that can do what CAA is doing.

This is the highest quality of care from some of the very best in the industry. Whether it’s for level 1 trauma centers, high acuity hospitals, or for ambulatory surgical centers, Capital Anesthesiology Association is the cream of the crop. Many of the clinical staff have taken advanced training that covers pediatric, obstetric, cardiothoracic, regional, and general anesthesia care as well.The CRNAs work right along side of the physicians, which makes for a winning combination and they’re just as qualified as well. There just isn’t any weaknesses here and CAA is breaking new ground on what is the future of this vital service.

Read full article: Click here.


Boost Your Hair With WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Our whole lives we have been taught to use sudsy shampoo on our hair to get it clean. But did you know that shampoo actually does harm to your hair? Not only does it strip hair of natural oils, it also adds a layer of chemicals that can damage and dry it out. Luckily, WEN cleansing conditioner is a shampoo alternative that is affordable and heals your hair.

WEN cleansing conditioner is made from natural extracts and herbs, nourishing your hair so it looks fuller, shinier, and stronger after only one use. Perfect for every hair type, thickness, and length, WEN will transform your hair from flat and lifeless to gorgeous! Your hair will be softer and more moisturized, not to mention super model shiny! WEN also makes frizzy, flat hair more manageable so you can style as you please without a fight each morning.

Using WEN Hair is super easy. Just pump 8 to 12 pumps (depending on the length and thickness of your hair) of the cleansing conditioner into your hands and work it in as you would shampoo. Then rinse and repeat to ensure your shiniest, healthiest hair. You can even massage a dime-sized amount of product into your hair as a leave-in conditioner if your hair is particularly dry and brittle.

The WEN hair care line by Chaz Dean is a revolutionary system that will change your hair forever. Part of the “no-lather” trend, it reverses years of damage. The signature Cleansing Conditioner acts as a 5-in-1 product, taking the place of leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, shampoo, and conditioner. That means that not only is it better for your hair, but will save you money too! Plus it comes in lots of yummy scents like Sweet Almond Mint, Lavender, and Pomegranate.