Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Receives an Award

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina, who is the chief executive officer. Talk Fusion commits to giving back to the community and animal charities all over the world. Talk Fusion produces innovative products that are marketed by Independent Associates in over 140 countries across the globe. It is home to the first ever all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. The firm has a commitment to ensuring that businesses stand out from their competitors by increasing sales and profit margins. Talk Fusion has dynamic ways of helping businesses to market their products and services through engaging, compelling and memorable videos. The best part is that customers can enjoy 30 day free trials of the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution before they purchase it.


Talk Fusion gets an award


The revolutionary Video Chat product by Talk Fusion received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the year on August 15th. It is the second award the company is receiving this year from the integrated media giant. The Communications Solutions Products of the year award aims at honoring exceptional services and products that aid data, voice and video communications that were introduced to the market or were significantly enhanced in the last 12 months.


Rich Tehrani, the chief executive officer of TMC, said that he was honored to honor the 2016 award winners. Rich Tehrani said that the honorees are true leaders within their industries during a press release after awarding the winners. He added that the winners are a representation of the best-of-the-best solutions and products available in the market.


Talk Fusion Video Chat uses the power of WebRTC technology to allow users to communicate face-to-face with people, on any gadget, and anywhere. Users can chat on a tablet, smartphone or desktop. Users can find the Video Chat app in Google Play Stores and iTunes. It is a clear indication of the continued momentum behind the revolutionary communication platform. The full version went live in March 2016. Bob Reina, the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, said that the company’s talented IT team has goals of doing much more in the future. Ryan Page, the company’s chief technical officer, said that the achievement confirms the company’s bigger goal. The chief technical officer said that Talk Fusion is committed to creating magnificent application.


NuoDB Will Empower You

The architecture of NuoDB makes it possible to make optimizations around redundancy, storage, replication, and much more without having to worry about any disc limitations. You can run NuoDB in any environment, including on-premises, in containers such as Docker, at in a hybrid cloud, to name a few. You can preserve support for SQL database role and security models and NuoDB message processes are always automatically encrypted by default.

NuoDb makes it very much possible to make the most of your resources across data centers within proximity and you can even minimize latencies through data locality. Its in-memory caches will automatically adjust for the best possible workload performance and you can even add and remove compute power or storage without ever stopping database services.

NuoDb has the power to withstand failure at all levels without the treat of ever bringing down your application. You can easily integrate policy management that already exists as well as cloud tools through its REST interface.

NuoDB makes it possible to migrate application code using cloud-database processing for better performance and will reduce time to market. It will also lower costs since disaster recovery is already built into its architecture. You can even differentiate your application.

Three Ways To Master Your Dental Care With MB2 Dental

Tips For Managing Your Dental Care Through The Help of Dr. Reddy


When you want to make sure that your smile is as beautiful as it can be, you really owe it to yourself to reach out to Dr. Reddy to see how he can help you out. Dr. Akhil Reddy is a licensed and insured dentist who runs MB2 Dental, a practice in Texas that can help you with any kind of oral health care that you could possibly need. These tips below are dental approved and can provide you the help that you need in that regard. Read on and make sure that you get in touch with MB2 Dental in order to learn more.


#1: Cut the sugar out of your diet


Sugar is poison when it comes to your health care. To make sure that you are not unnecessarily dealing with cavities and tartar, you need to cut as much sugar out of your diet as you can. First of all, start with things like sodas and candy, which have no nutritional value and are entirely avoidable. Next, make sure that you brush and floss daily in order to get rid of any sugar that does come in contact with your teeth and gums.


#2: Visit MB2 Dental every single year


Next, be sure that you get in touch with Dr. Reddy on an annual basis. He will be able to serve you with any kind of checkup that you require and can also jump into action to provide you cavity fillings and any other service you need. This is the foundation of dental care and is critically important.


#3: Get in touch with Dr. Reddy the second you notice a problem


Finally, never drag your feet if you are noticing problems with your teeth and gums. Dr. Reddy will be able to nip the issue in the bud if you give advance notice and allow him to stop these issues at once. This way, you will be able to fix a cavity before it becomes a canal problem.


So if you apply these three tips, you will be best able to get the high quality dental care that you have always wanted. Dr. Reddy and MB2 Dental are at your service and ready to apply their years of experience to serve you with any dental care needs that you have. Consider these points and reach out to Dr. Reddy today.


Talk Fusion: Doing it the New Way and the Old Way

Talk Fusion knows exactly what they are doing and that is why 2016 was such a banner year for the company. When a company has a clear cut plan and they follow through with it, anything is truly possible for them. As they say, the sky is the limit. Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, is one that is big on things that worked in the past such as good customer service, being a good person, and listening to what the people want. When the day is over, they are the ones forking out their money for this product. If they are happy, they will keep coming back for more as they won’t be able to get enough of it.

He is also big on adapting and changing. That is another big reason why the company had such a huge year in 2016. Many people are saying that 2016 was the best year yet for Talk Fusion, but knowing Bob Reina, even greater things are in store for 2017 and beyond. He always keeps his eyes on the present and the future. He wants to make it to where Talk Fusion keeps people interested. He wants to keep the current customers happy while also bringing in new customers as well. It can be a tough balancing act, but if anyone can pull it off, it is Bob Reina of Talk Fusion.

If anyone needed further proof, all they need to do is look at the two awards they won in 2016, more specifically the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is a big time award from a big time media giant, as described in the article They saw what Talk Fusion was doing and they were blown away by the upgrades.

Upgrading is important, but they need to be good upgrades. That is where Bob Reina shines, as he knows how to make upgrades that are going to keep the context of Talk Fusion at hand but also improve upon the idea. People like it, but there are always little things to mix with as well..

Family History Drives The Goettl Brand Forward

The Goettl brand is one of the most famous family businesses in the world after developing one of the most unique and innovative heating and cooling brands often reported to have kick started the modern trend for HVAC units in almost every U.S. home; studies predict the global HVAC industry will grow by 2024 to be worth more than $160 billion, with Goettl well positioned to take advantage of much of this impressive growth. In expanding the Goettl brand, Ken Goodrich has never lost sight of the fact he is in control of a family business that ties his own life and career with that of the founders of the brand, brothers Adam and Gust Goettl.


In recent interviews, Ken Goodrich has explained he has a long personal history with the Goettl brand, which includes spending much of his own childhood working on Goettl brand units in Las Vegas. Goodrich believes he has a personal link to a brand he jumped at the chance of purchasing and has poured more time and resources into than the previous 15 companies the entrepreneur has owned throughout his business career.


Goettl is always a major part of any of the communities served by its ever expanding group of technicians who are experts in both HVAC and plumbing. Among the community projects the Goettl brand has been involved with are the distribution of bottled water to the homeless of Phoenix, Arizona, and the publication of blogs detailing how best to keep pets and animals cool throughout the Summer months.


The establishment of the Goettl brand in 1939 led to a major growth in the success of the company across the Southwest that has led to the Goettl brand becoming more of a part of the community than ever before; over the course of eight decades the Goettl brand has been impressive on many different fronts.


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Shows A Family Can Still Run A Successful Business

The Sirotsky family are seen as some of the most important business people in Brazil as the family are the owners of the RBS Group of media companies, now under the direction and leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda. Becoming the leader of the RBS Group as the third generation of the Sirotsky family to do so, it may look to the outside world as if Duda Melzer has reached the end of the journey his career has been targeted towards since he began attending the Harvard School of Business.

However, Duda Melzer has not simply limited his work to that with the RBS Group, but has also looked to secure the future of the Company and his own family through the development of a number of different areas and businesses. On terms of the RBS Group the company has spent a large amount of time under Duda Melzer’s leadership exploring the many options open in new business areas, such as digital media and the development of educational programs developed using Online platforms.

In an article on Globo, the work of Duda Melzer has seen the Sirotsky family look for new areas to explore in terms of the different areas of investment that included the creation of a major investment arm, eBricks. According to Acaert, Duda Melzer is in control of the eBricks group and has looked to diversify the investments made by the company in a bid to make sure the success of the family and its companies is not affected by a downturn in a single industry; the flagship company backed by Duda Melzer has been the largest South American Online wine marketplace that has become a part of the investment strategy established by Duda Melzer after completing his path towards taking control of the RBS Group.

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How Dr. Clay Siegall Seeks To Solve Cancer

As the founder of Seattle Genetics, Inc., Clay Siegall, Ph.D., created a dynamic company which develops targeted drug therapies that treat diseases. His focus as Chief Executive Officer is to research drugs that can offer new therapies for diseases that haven’t seen any meaningful survival rate improvement in decades.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s excellent leadership of the company and focus on research and development of antibody-drug conjugates has led Seattle Genetics to be one of the leaders in the biotechnology industry. He successfully introduced one drug so far onto the market that targets lymphoma without harming nearby non-cancerous cells like most drug therapies do. This drug also shows a great deal of promise in curing other forms of cancer so it is being researched further. He has more than 20 other drugs in the pipeline that he is developing through partnerships he has formed with industry giants such as Genentech, Bayer, and Pfizer.

Dr. Siegall started Seattle Genetics with a small crew of dedicated researchers. It is now a large team of medical professionals who are on the cutting edge of science in the field of cancer drugs. Early on, Dr. Clay Siegall recognized that the old way of treating cancer was too ineffective and harmful. Targeted drug therapies, like what he develops, leave healthy tissue and blood alone while solely targeting cancerous cells. He believes this is the wave of the future and will completely upend the conventional way of treating cancer.

It was while Dr. Siegall was attending the University of Maryland, earning a degree in zoology, that he first became interested in cancer research. This was due to his father developing cancer and him witnessing first hand how brutal the treatment was. His father almost died but it was due to the chemotherapy he was being treated with rather than cancer itself that was the cause. He went on to attend George Washington University where he earned his Ph.D. in Genetics so that he would have the educational background necessary to change this state of affairs. He has dedicated himself to helping people beat cancer and improving peoples lives.


Texas Strategic Banking Conference: Fed M&A Regulation Change

“What is the best way for Texas banks to grow?” This was the primary agenda item of the Texas Bankers Association 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, which took place in November 2016. This topic dove tails nicely with March 2017 Fed changes, which made the M&A approval process easier.


“Banking Growth: Innovation or M&A”


The Texas Bankers Association listed several ways to grow banks, including organic growth, branching or M&A activity. The NexBank CEO & President John Holt was a panelist on the new group called “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” NexBank had an asset value of $4.6 billion in December 31, 2016.


Innovation could include technological, like online banking or product mix, such as special mortgage tranches for institutional investors. Dallas based NexBank offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. Its clientele are primarily institutional investors, large corporations, middle-market companies, and real estate investors.


“Less Fed Scrutiny Increases M&A”


Doesn’t it seem like the plate of the Federal Reserve continues to get larger and larger? After the 2008 Sub Prime Crisis, the Fed found itself as a primary driver of the economy. It Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) was a way to pump prime the capital markets. Perhaps, the March 17, 2017 decision to increase the M&A scrutiny threshold from $25 billion to $100 billion was also a form of stimulus. “What does this mean?”


Basically, the Fed is admitting that it will allow smaller bank mergers to be completed faster. Instead, it will concentrate on the larger bank mergers (Too Big Too Fail aka TBTF) over $100 billion and force them to adhere to a tighter investigation process before approval. This could be good news for a relatively small bank, such as NexBank. But, does this suggest the Fed foresees more failures?


An Inspiration To Many

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a prestigious surgeon who works in Houston. When she was in middle school grades, her teachers commented on her hands being those of a surgeon. Walden has been exposed to medical professions throughout her life. Her father was a dentist, and her mother worked as a surgical nurse. Walden didn’t always live in Houston as she was born and raised in Austin.


After attending the University of Texas, she received a bachelor’s degree in biology from the medical branch of the University of Texas. Walden moved to New York for a short time so that she could focus on aesthetic surgery. She knew that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of her patients. After eight years of being in New York, Walden moved back to Texas.


Not long after Walden moved back to Texas, she knew that she wanted to have a family. She is a single mother, but that is her choice. Walden has twin sons, Houston and Rex, who are an inspiration for her to push through to pursue her dreams. Walden makes sure she gives her sons the best life possible while making her own life as easy as possible. She lives close to the office she works in, and her sons go to a preschool that is located nearby. One of the things that Walden is noted for is using a 3D imaging machine to get a better look at areas of the body before performing surgeries. She is a woman who is an inspiration to patients and those she works with.

Flavio Maluf – Is The Eucatex Group CEO

Born on December 2, 1961 in Brazil, Flavio Maluf is currently the CEO of Eucatex Group – an environmentally friendly and innovative organization that uses special substances to produce their items. Flavio is a graduate of FAAP in São Paulo whereby he pursued Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Flavio has been operating at Eucatex from 1987 whereby he started with trade area prior to shifting to industrial sector within the organization. In 1996, His uncle, the then leader of Eucatex by the time welcomed him to join the official team of the organization. Because of good outcomes and the immense accomplishment of the organization, a family agreement between members and all the people involved saw Flavio endorsed to take the position of President in Eucatex Group in 1997 the position he holds currently. Flavio fundamentally concentrates on development and intensely puts resources into launching of new products within the organization.

Established in 1951, Eucatex Group is the primary Brazilian organization to envisage the environmental and acoustic comfort. The company utilizes eucalyptus as the raw material in making panels and sheets. The initiation of their first processing plant, now referred as Unit plates, was conducted in 1954, within Salto – São Paulo. There, the organization started its procedure of creating acoustic ceilings and soft wood fiber panels. Later, Eucatex commenced to produce acoustic and insulation panels.

Right now, Eucatex is the second biggest maker of wood fiber boards within the foreign market, with 41% market share. In 1996, Eucatex begun to make MDP boards and right now has a market share of 16% in this section in Brazil. Moreover, Eucatex is the local pioneer in producing insulating products, wall partitions and ceiling lining items, divider parcels, besides working in flooring and door markets.

The modern development of Eucatex has dependably been related with the increment of its planted forests, which guarantees the constant supply of vital raw materials for the organization, eucalyptus wood. The firm mainly deals with civil and furniture construction sector, whereby each of the segment is 35% and 48% of its revenue, respectively. Flavio anticipates of taking the Company even to higher levels.