1. This definitely feels like it's providing a missing piece in the documentation ecosystem. I mostly knew about the issues around error handling and picking async runtimes from Reddit and IRC. I wish we had something like this specifically for writing unsafe code.

  2. How does this compare to the content of the Crust of Rust streams? I plan to order it, but I'm curious if there is overlap between book content and those streams.

  3. Very much so! In many ways, I was doing the Crust of Rust streams while writing the chapter on the same topic to figure out the best way to teach it "on the fly" :) I would say the book covers a lot more topics, but any given Crust of Rust video covers that specific subtopic in greater depth.

  4. Will the book be sold on other websites once it's finished? (Like amazon) Shipping to Europe is $23.95, which is a little much for a $39.99 book.

  5. It's the same publisher as The Rust Programming Language book, so if you can get that then you should be able to get this easily once it's out.

  6. The REALRUSTY promo code linked here elsewhere saves you $14, which might make the shipping a bit easier to swallow depending on your perspective (It could be that you're spending $24 to ship a $26 book, which is even worse! or you're spending $10 to ship a $40 book, which isn't that bad.)

  7. Oh snap, instant buy for me. I don't feel i need to know more in my day-to-day Rust (i work fulltime and hobby in 100% Rust), but still Jon's video content is so amazing i expect this to be a fun and informative read. I look forward to the printed version!

  8. I’m speculating here but if everything goes smoothly for Jon and he finishes the content by November 2021 (like the estimate says), it might take a bit longer than that to edit and type set. And then a couple of months to print and ship (internationally, in my case). I’m expecting to receive my book in April 2022.

  9. Dang. Unfortunately for me the shipping to Scandinavia is more than 50% of the price of the book (book $40, shipping $24).... Would love to pre-order, but will wait and see if the shipping price drops with time.

  10. Same for me here in Austria. Unfortunately my Austrian book dealer only lists pre-orders for the e-book. (I am also unsure if the author would benefit as much)

  11. Bought the book, read the first couple of chapters, looks great so far! Thanks much for this.

  12. One tricky aspect of this is that it also really depends on whether you're writing application or library code, and how "weird" your interface is. I think the advice holds for most types in the wild, though you're certainly right that there are also significant cases where that's not true. There's also the issue of making your interface both understandable to users and to other developers — the more involved you make your lifetime parametrics, the more you are asking from those reading or interacting with your code to understand what is already a tricky concept.

  13. Anecdotally, I've very intentionally tried to fill the book with all of the little tricks like that that I know — as you say, they can be lifesavers in finicky situations!

  14. Can that over constrained Difference in that link you mentioned not be fixed in a Rust edition?

  15. Incredibly happy to be able to throw my money at Jon! His streams have been the single biggest contributor to my development in Rust past the book, and I think have made me a fundamentally better programmer. So much love <3

  16. I've been looking for more 'intermediate' Rust books recently! The Crust of Rust streams were helpful in filling that niche, but a book is much easier to reference. Hopefully this'll inspire more books from others to follow.

  17. You can order the print version, which comes with a ebook, or buy the ebook alone (currently only the early access PDF is listed). edit: updated to reflect the page correctly.

  18. What kind of feedback are you looking for to help with the book? Other than buying the book, how can people help?

  19. That's a good question. The book is pretty well under way, and I consider the chapters that are part of the early access finished modulo bugs and typos. That's not to say that they can't be improved, but rather than writing is a super long process, and so more substantial changes are more likely to come in the form of an eventual second print than a change to this one. A big part of that is because the pipeline is quite long — I just finished writing chapter 13, but it'll likely be months before that actually makes its way to the final stages and out into the public early access 😅 That all said, I do really want any feedback y'all might have — even if it doesn't end up making it into this edition, it's valuable input for the next iteration!

  20. I don't have an "official channel" for it, but feel free to email/DM me :) Can't promise I'll be able to take suggestions on board, but will look at them for sure!

  21. Sadly shipping cost to France are very high (more than half of the price of the book). I'll hope the physical book will be available by other means. I'll wait for this.

  22. Apparently, using the REALRUSTY promo code saves off $14, which takes off 3/5 of the shipping cost :)

  23. Knowing his content on YT, I’m excited to buy this! This guy is always good at explaining tricky stuff

  24. Excellent looks awesome! will the eBook be available in other formats than PDF? so that it can be read on eBook readers?

  25. I'm assuming if you order the Early Access Ebook you'll then get the full Ebook when it's released? I just don't see that written anywhere on the page, but maybe I'm bad at reading.

  26. Yeah same, ordered the ebook and now I'm afraid its indeed only the early access version. That would be extremely vexing.

  27. Oh hell yes! John’s videos are excellent but videos don’t suit me. If he transcribed his videos, edited for brevity and clarity and called it a book, I’d definitely buy that.

  28. I was going to wait for the final book release before purchasing but after reading this thread I decided to just preorder! Still finishing the first book (I somehow managed to be productive in Rust without reading the second half???) Anyways super excited. Also if anyone wants to read a physical book, I'll be donating mine to my local library after I'm done with it!

  29. I'm a little late to the party but I just pre-ordered the Early-edition digital and print book bundle from No Starch. Looking forward to finishing the early and full Ebook and adding the print release to my book collection!

  30. I would definitely get this once I am done with the book. Your programming streams are wonderful and they sort of reignited my passion for programming. :)

  31. I checked out the Kindle version and was thrilled to see it listed...err, almost...it would be delivered to my Kindle on Nov. 21, 2021. Well, this is precisely the book I've been waiting for. I'd already wasted $40 on a book I thought was going to cover this and just missed the return cut-off. So looks like a no-brainer for me even with the wait. It kinda sucks getting enveloped in the Amazon ecosystem but it's just so damn convenient having my reference library in my pocket...

  32. That's presumably because it isn't done yet. When we buy from no starch we're getting the work-in-progress drafts now, with the promise of the full book later.

  33. Slight bit of feedback: in listing 2-11 you create the struct, access one of its members, dereference that member, and assign it all in the same line. While this is perfectly valid syntax, it's very alien looking because in regular code you don't usually do that combination of things, so from a pedagogical point of view I think it would be better for you to make it more verbose and at least make the object on a separate line with its own let declaration. I've previously noticed in other languages that when people are new to a language they get thrown off when demonstration code does something that's too unidiomatic.

  34. Jon, are chapters 2-9 complete, modulo typos/bugs? Asking because I’m wondering if I should wait before starting to read the book.

  35. No, this book is definitely not for beginners. At the very least, you should read the original Rust book first before picking this up.

  36. Bought it and took a look at the preview. My honest opinion is that it's not very useful in its current form, it's like a textbook with no examples. Maybe it will be expanded.

  37. Jon is, to say the least, a very smart fella. I don't doubt this book has turned out good. Now, to wait till Alexey Kladov (aka matklad) releases his own book as well :)

  38. "I get why people want to get paid for doing thousands of hours of work, but like... why can't they just give it to me for free"

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