1. Does GH not work in China? How the fuck do they expect to manually review 15 million repositories? I have so many questions. The fact I live in a nation friendly and neighboring to China is also concerning

  2. I mean they're forcing the Uhygurs to work in labor camps, literally bolting doors shut for covid lock downs, I don't think they will sweat much forcing people to code review

  3. They can apply robot checks for sensitive words. After that their people will do the rest. Hostile whistleblowers will ruin every business entities and only who have good relationship with the governments can survive.

  4. Bet they can't find an original idea in anyone of those repos. They don't have new ideas or invent new things, they copy everyone else's. There is a reason why copyrights and patents don't exist in China - the people don't own anything, only the state/party can own something.

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