1. Uncle Sam’s subs has a really good cheesesteak, but it’s not really like a Philly. So sad Jim’s burned down.

  2. Peppi's can get to be like the Soup Nazi, though. We were there and my coworker didn't hear or come up the first time his number is called. The woman at the counter flipped out on him and told him he should've been paying attention, they're not gonna give him his food now. It wasn't until one of the cooks behind her silently gave him the food while the woman wasn't looking that he got his grub and we left. I want to emphasize that we did nothing else wrong and otherwise weren't loud, unruly, or impolite.

  3. Peppis is the best cheesesteak in Pennsylvania. Anyone please feel free to recommend something that will change my mind.

  4. Streets on the whole is my favorite food truck. Their wings are the best in Pittsburgh; my only wish is they had more sauce options, but I'll always go to them for wings. Their cheesesteak is dope.

  5. Never been to philly but the one at Pizzeria Davide might be the most delicious thing I’ve eaten.

  6. Can vouch for this, also beavers a nice little area, I always go to Union skate shop there, the owner Bill is a really cool guy.

  7. I'm from Philly originally. I'll echo Pizzeria Davide as the best cheesesteak in Pittsburgh. If you're in the North Hills, Simply Subs in Allison Park has the next best cheesesteak I've had in my 15 years here. Chickie's and Pete's in PNC Park also has an acceptable cheesesteak. I have yet to try Peppi's, but I'll do that soon based on this thread.

  8. Buy a piece of ribeye put it in the freezer for about a half an hour so it’s firm enough that you can cut it in real thin pieces. Have a hot skillet on medium heat, splash of olive oil, sear the shit out of the meat with thin slices of white onion. Salt and pepper to taste. Get some cheese whiz, your favorite bun of choice. That’s all you need.

  9. I don't think it's specifically Philly style, but the cheese steak at Salem's is phenomenal, and they have my favorite fries in the city.

  10. My strat recently has been to ask any place that has cheesesteaks and also cheese fries to use the cheese sauce from the fries on my steak and it works out really well. Weiner World downtown and Carhops in Monroeville are a couple places I've had success at.

  11. Why would anyone want an authentic cheese steak like they have at Geno's or Pat's. They are awful. Steak'umms on a hot dog bun with Cheez Wiz? Blech! And to make the experience truly authentic have it 2 in the morning with a bunch of vomiting drunks all around you fighting each other. It's the worst thing ever.

  12. As a transplant from Philly the only thing I have found that comes close is Capriotti's, which makes sense given they started around that side of the state.

  13. Campus Deli in Oakland. Last one I had wasn't good but we did order right before close (had just given birth not normally an asshole)

  14. The closest thing I've had here is the Peppis south philly. But, the best thing to do is just to order them on goldbelly. Its $100 for 4 cheesesteaks delivered right to your door from Pats in Philly. Its cheaper than the gas and tolls it would take to get to philly to obtain em. I've ordered from there several times and highly recommend. They put the cheese in a container on the side so the bread doesn't get soggy.

  15. I’m a monster who despite living in Philly and going there for many years when I didn’t live there, enjoys a jersey mikes cheesesteak with only onions, cheese, and steak. A monster.

  16. the south jersey cheese steak at William penn tavern honestly rocks (being a south jersey native who grew up on philly cheesesteaks it’s fun to see the representation lol). it comes with relish on the side too and it’s fantastic.

  17. I'm not vegan/vegetarian but I really like the seitan cheese steak from SPAK bros on Penn Ave. No shit. And you gotta get the curly fries too!!

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