1. But note that this extension only shows an estimate (using archived data and extrapolated user behaviour) and not the true dislike count. Nevertheless, it's still great to have.

  2. I guess we have to grow up and form or own opinions of the legitimacy of the content in the videos, that and the comment section + relative like count should help.

  3. YouTube has disabled the dislike count from even the API. There is no way to know the real count now. The extension tracking dislikes now is doing it externally.

  4. Yes, but a lot of time people misused it though like literally people would have 100s of dislikes even before starting a stream, but still dislike button was a indication if the info in the video really helps, especially in tutorial videos.

  5. Yeah, I actually used it to find if something worth watching. Without the meter that button is just useless. Make a Facebook like button instead.

  6. I really don't think dislikes button would have helped in cases of political videos either, not many people watch and react according to the video.

  7. Yeah, I prefer the dislike button to be a way to express subtle disagreement/disappointment.

  8. They won't do that, it's a positive reinforcement feedback that encourages the content creators to pos more content. Like on Instagram or anything, you get a high when someone likes. This count is important for them. The dopamine high from consuming social media.

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