1. Trying to connect a Sony UBP-X800M2 Blu-ray player to a NAD C368 amp in order to play the hi-def layer of SACDs (24/96?). I have dozens of SACDs and want use them to their fullest in 2.1 set-up (used to use an OPPO 103 through an AVR)

  2. Absolute begineer here, just started working on Logic Pro. I am an amature guitar player, looking for an absolute budget/money's worth headphones. Any leads would be appreciated! Budget: 100$.

  3. I am looking for a decent power bank to power my Yamaha THR10 (first gen). The normal batteries only last like 1.5h and for busking, 6-7h would be nice. Requirements are 15V @ 3A, center positive. I haven't been able to find a suitable one and would be thankful for suggestions :)

  4. XLR lavalier microphone recommendation --- wanted for Zoom video teaching so that it doesn't obstruct my hands or face. Am running RME Babyface Pro.

  5. Hello everyone. I have an Audient ID14, and although is great, I think the D/A conversion is not so clear as it could be. I’m thinking of upgrading to ID44...do you think it will make a noticeable difference on the D/A conversion? Currently I’m ok with the ID14 in terms of I/O, so the major reason to upgrade to an ID44 would be mainly for improved output quality. What do you think?

  6. I recently purchased a Maono AU-A04 from amazon for the purpose of recording vocals and guitar. I've been using it for about a week, and almost all audio that I record features heavy clipping. I can't find much SPL info on this mic, as Google searches are riddled with microphone ads. I've tries several settings on both Audacity and the Windows control panel. I was wondering if anybody else has used this mic and has some tips for me. Every online review I've read has been positive, and the only page that I can find mentioning clipping is a Q/A site with no answer on the thread.

  7. I've been using Audacity for years but recently got a windows computer, so I'm thinking about buying a non-free editor. I used Sony Sound Forge in the past but now I'm seeing it's a new company. I looked into Adobe Audition because I used to use Cool Edit Pro way back when, but was shocked to find out you can't outright buy it but you have to pay a monthly fee. Ridiculous. What are people using? I use Bitwig as my DAW but need something for trimming audio clips, noise reduction, and mastering/compressing/finishing tracks.

  8. I record and edit VO work mainly, with my DAW. After extensive research and head scratching, I bought Reaper nearly 10years ago and have not, even for a minute, regretted my choice.

  9. Hello, I was hoping someone could help me figure out what cables I need to hook up my record player to my computer. I have an M-Audio M-track solo. I tried using RCA female Y cable to 8th inch jack and a quarter inch converter, both in line 1 and then I tried separating them into line 1 and 2. the audio comes out mono and canned. What cables should I be using to produce quality sound?

  10. I need to find a mic with a good "dead spot" so that I can aim it at my acoustic guitar while also minimizing any bleed over from my voice!

  11. Hello guys, not sure if this is a related question, I been trying to find the right cable to make custom AUX Cables, I have got all of my tools, all I am missing is the type of cable I would need to make Custom AUX cables, I just bought a few meters of UL2547 Twist Shielded Cable Audio from Ebay, this is a AWG26 2-core, any help would be truly appreaciated

  12. They are roughly the same quality-wise. So if you are happy with how your presonus interfaces work together (audio latency, etc) I wouldn't get a behringer instead

  13. I love the 3U Audio mics if you’re comfortable with ordering overseas. Advanced Audio is also supposed to be good, otherwise yeah Warm Audio is supposed to be great for the price

  14. I want to remove faint voices from a recording of background audio. How can I do this cheaply and easily?

  15. Some surgical eq around the vocal frequency, or multiband compression, might do what you're describing... I was going to say a noise gate, but that would probably suppress the rest of the background audio that you want.

  16. Looking for a rack mount preamp around the $400-600 range, any recommendations? I mostly record indie rock and punk, and I’d like something that could handle all sorts of sources well. Looking at the Golden Age stuff in that range as well as Warm. Anything else I should check out?

  17. I feel like the tonebeast is great because it’s versatile. most other preamps in that price range will only give you one sound, you know?

  18. So price isn't a great way to judge which microphone to get, or which will give you better results. Maybe it's because I'm listening on different headphones, but the sm7b to me sounds like it sits better in the mix. The LD 5 has a "woofy" quality to it that is fighting with the 808.

  19. Entry level what? Audio Interface? Mixer? Amp? It's difficult to figure out what you want here.

  20. I'm just getting started. I have nothing in the way of recording equipment but have a nice desktop computer (just stock sound card functions though). I currently use my webcam mic and it's not great (fine for calls, but can't really record with it). I used to record podcasts in 2012 so I have some knowledge but am out of the loop.

  21. You are looking at either a good USB microphone ($100-ish, although there are a couple of $50 contenders) or an Audio Interface + XLR microphone. The latter probably will get you better sound quality, but USB microphones are generally cheaper overall.

  22. I have a set of NS10 monitors and im looking for some sub $1kAUD monitors to compliment them (new or used) What would people recommend?

  23. I'm aware how expensive stuff is down there, that budget isn't going to get you anything more than entry level monitors if you go new, sure they will be more full-range than your NS10s but not as detailed. I'd definitely be hunting around the used market for something mid level.

  24. Looking for an interface upgrade, my beringer 404 is beat to death. Looking for 8-24 channels, a very strong DAC, and good build quality. Will be used for mixing + recording in my home studio and for travel gigs. DSP processing is a big plus but not nessasary. My budget is maybe around $500-$800.

  25. I'm going to be using this 6 to 8 hours a day until it breaks or I replace it, so I really don't wanna cheap out. I should probably spend more, but i'm a college student

  26. I’d like to record demos for my 5 piece band and am wondering what audio interface to get. I need enough mic pres to record a kit. Scarlett 18i8? Or something with fewer built in mic pres and buy a couple pres?

  27. Warm Audio WA273 vs same thing but with 2 channel EQ... pretty much a 500 dollar difference for just an onboard EQ, can’t I just save the money and use EQ plugins in DAW? Thanks

  28. Essentially you're paying for a 1k preamp and a $500 eq. The 1073 EQ is as unique as the preamp, it's an analog eq that will color and smooth the sound. You can get plugins to emulate the character it adds (they won't be as high quality as the real thing) but it will sound VERY different from your standard digital eq when engaged.

  29. Anyone using the Arturia AudioFuse Rev 2? I like that it doesn't rely that much on software, and has lots of I/O. Curious if anyone is using it (esp. with Win10) and what you think! Thanks.

  30. I’d get the interface on its own and the 57/58. I use a 57 all the time, but I haven’t touched the mic that came with my Scarlett in years.

  31. Hi, I'm wondering if a DAC + mixer will be something that would help me. I don't do any streaming/recording with my setup, just play games. Budget wise from browsing amazon it seems like a decent mixer would be $100-$150 and for the DAC I see the Soundblaster G6? recommended a lot.

  32. For interfaces under $2000 I'd personally recommend the Cranborne R8. It's a interface built into a 500 series chassis with an additional summing mixer - incredibly high specs and versatility for the price point.

  33. I would say yes to anything by RME. You're also paying for a very well written driver, which cant be underestimated in terms of performance and stability. I'd say the RME AIO Pro card but it doesn't have a pre, and only one headphone out (but a VERY good one though). With the leftover cash you could pickup a monitor controller for headphones, and there's always a choice of pre's.

  34. A dynamic mic (or condenser designed for stage/feedback rejection purposes) would generally be much more directional. Beyond that, moving the mic physically closer to your mouth will ensure the signal is mainly you. A good bet for under $200 would probably be an sm58 and any decent audio interface (presonous, scarlet, behringer, etc). Rode makes a dynamic "podcast" mic in that range that's probably worth checking out.

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