1. You know how far down I had to go to see this? I was beginning to wonder if I was just stupid for not getting it.

  2. As someone who actually studies aging and work, you are correct. No actual research really supports generational differences in the workplace to the point where you can treat generation like a personality trait.

  3. Gen X had boomers for bosses. My (as a millennial) Gen X bosses have been more or less cool, and didn't shit on zoomers either.

  4. Don't worry, you have to have enough wealth to be miserly about for the whole "become conservative as you age" thing to make any sense at all, and that's not really happening for most of us.

  5. One thing I take pride in as a millennial is that I look at the generations younger than me and realize that they are smarter and more empathetic than my own generation, and significantly more so than my parents' generation. They give me hope for the future, as it seems we are slowly but surely trending in a more positive direction.

  6. Double-up that the generation you're thinking didn't create it that because it can't use powerpoint, so they asked to do it to a generation 3 times lower the list hahah

  7. Eh, most people are likely to cling to a system that oppresses and abuses them if they've spent their entire lives being propagandized into thinking every alternative is worse. Plenty of poor, exploited still working in their 80s seniors who still think communism is when no food or iphone and capitalism is perfect.

  8. I took a company-mandated leadership course 5 years ago where we broke into groups and had to write on poster paper the differences between the generations then present it. All the boomers/gen X in the class wrote how millennials are "entitled" but "good with technology"

  9. Oh my post-education survey answers are gonna be lengthy this go round. Not to mention the first hour she was talking I had no clue what the class was about.

  10. Age isn't a protected class unless the victim is over 40. Yes, everyone who undergoes that training probably realizes the irony.

  11. This is likely the person making the slide trying to pad their own generation, like pushing the ruler so far into your pelvis that your penis is 9 inches long

  12. Man, it's really dumb that some marketing executive in the early 90s coined Generation X and we've just been treating that as a numbering system ever since.

  13. It’s all kinda made up dude. I was born in 83 and relate way more with the genx crowd than I would someone born in the mid 90’s. I mean damn I graduated hs in 2001.

  14. See, I don't agree with 97 being the zoomers. We have more in common with millennials than zoomers. My younger brother, born in 2002 grew up in a different world than I did. I had analogue classrooms, he had SMART boards, ipads and whatnot.

  15. Ive never agreed with them cutting things off before the 2000 mark considering the a lot of people in 2000 still very much relate to a basically all millennial issues and basically had a relatively similar bringup. It didnt really start changing gears till 2000.

  16. 100%! Baby boomers are the most spoiled generation to have ever walked this planet. Their parents and grandparents fought for, and obtained, labor rights. They defeated Hitler and created a strong middle class where one income could support a whole family. Then when the boomers came of age and started making decisions in the early 80s and beyond, they pulled up the ladder behind them, they gave the middle finger to the generations that followed. They destroyed unions, they deregulated everything which allowed massive wealth to flow upwards, away from the middle class. They destroyed the environment, and unlike their predecessors, they did so, with full knowledge of the harm they were causing. They essentially robbed future generations for their own insatiable greed. Future generations will have to pay the debt that the baby boomers incurred, and yet they have the nerve to blame millennials, and Gen Z. What really cracks me up though, is they were the ones who started giving trophies to every kid that participated yet they now talk about younger generations, wanting a participation trophy. While every generation has their own sins, like mine, Gen x (apathy while we knew what was going on.), the boomers win the biggest trophy for being the shittiest generation to ever walk this planet.

  17. Boomers - “Fuck you, I got mine” (provided you are white, affluent and male, otherwise it’s your own fault)

  18. The instructor is definately a boomer, not 100% if she’s the one that created the slide but she certainly didn’t object to it.

  19. I wasn’t included in to GenX until recently. When that term became all the rage (probably before most of y’all were born), it ended in 77 or 78, so I was on the outside, wishing I was as cool as GenX… Now I just don’t fucking care… it’s a label at the author of the descriptions above is a twat with no recognition of the irony built in to their descriptions.

  20. As somebody who is pleased to be GenX, I don't know why somebody would want to push themselves into the Millenial bucket! GenX is old enough to have played outside all day every day without parental involvement, and young enough to be technologically savvy, as the internet came around when we were in our teens.

  21. It's always changing because dumbass boomers need to be able to call whoever they're currently bitching about Millennials despite that not being factually correct and despite whatever the dumbass boomer is bitching about is their fault anyway

  22. In America, age discrimination is only federally illegal if it's being done to somebody over 40. Some states have laws that extend this to all adults, but most do not.

  23. What the fuck, everyone was talking shit about millennials, but now that they’ve all had to give up and take shitty jobs, they’re suddenly confident multi-taskers?! Is that just code for “needs multiple jobs to survive” ?

  24. Millennials now have enough representation in the workforce--especially in management roles--to push back against negative stereotypes and demand respect. The youngest generation never has enough power to push back and just gets punished for any attempt to advocate for themselves. I really wish older generations would break the cycle rather than contribute to it.

  25. But how does my astrological sign affect it? Or that my Chinese restaurant placemat said I was born in the Year Of The Horse? Or what my birth stone is?

  26. Age matters for much more than that. Those who are older control those who are younger before they have the chance to make their own choices. This means if old people decided you can't give consent until you are 30, you have no right to consent. Can't drink til we say, can't smoke til we say, can't have sex til we say, and can't hold a job til we say. All of the laws in our country are made by old people, so age dictates authority in a way. Age is only loosely attached to adulthood through bias, as for thousands of years boys and girls became adults when their bodies matured, not their minds, and still to this day, many people in their 20s are still children mentally.

  27. I don't know.. what about when it comes to driving? I think elderly people should have to be tested every year for competence and vision.

  28. Yeah lmao, hard to imagine a 26 year old and 3-4 year old can be considered to have the same generational upbringing - especially when things have changed so rapidly in the past several decades.

  29. Putting the generation up to the last year of WWII, the most significant war we actually have veterans from still, makes me think they think people born during WWII fought in WWII.

  30. It's important to respect all ages unless they are the youngest generation then they can just go fuck themselves because they are useless. Everyone only earns respect through not dying year to year.

  31. Right? The cognitive dissonance it takes to include this shit in a power point about respecting age differences is astounding.

  32. Ahah! the people in power are now trying to turn the Millennials against the Gen Z's. Nope! You can go to hell with that! GenZ and older alphas already know whats up that its all class warfare. They figured out the game so much faster.

  33. They "shrunk" GenX to be almost nonexistent! That jerk! (GenX = 1965 - 1980/83). Whenever some people want to pinpoint the GenX generation, they seem to want us to almost not exist - or make like we're just "younger boomers." HELL TO THE NAW!!

  34. Maybe it’s because everything just seems to work out so gosh darn well for them? It must be because of all their hard work. 🙄

  35. I had a very similar training when I was becoming certified to train new staff. It was so blatantly against Millenials/Gen Z. Like. I thought age was a protected class? Imagine if it were a slide with different races and it said how different races behave, there would be riots.

  36. Greatest & Silent Gen: We're going to actually do all the things Boomers will later take credit for, ie the Beatles, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Moon Landing

  37. Just remember, every time someone mocks millennials/gen z for participation trophies, that their generation were the one who gave us those participation trophies.

  38. Yup, and they did it for themselves... so they could feel like their little Tommy's and Jane's were special. Then they called us all soft for 'wanting' them...

  39. As an aside, this classification never made sense to me. I know they have to cut it off somewhere but I'm personally literally on the cusp of one of these two. I don't think any of these adjectives fit for me or for anyone I know of any generation.

  40. This is the first time I’ve seen myself put into the millennial’s generation (1979)! She didn’t even get the years right…

  41. I feel like this is some non-public single-owner company's self-made 'training' deck because you'd never see something like this in a publicly traded company.

  42. Of course Gen X is self reliant, most of their parents weren't home to give their kids proper attention 🤣 My mother and uncle were basically supervised by their grandmother.

  43. I know this is not what this is about but I think it's funny as fuck my grandparents (both born 1945) are supposedly "veterans" lmao good baby soldiers

  44. You and me both. I have a feeling the instructor just made the slide herself without looking a damn thing up.

  45. You're damn right I ask why. I've seen my share of inept management who keeps thinking that they'll change the whole system around because their sorting system is so much better and causes nothing but headaches.

  46. Boomers stay mad they had unwavering loyalty to a job that never appreciated them and only robbed them of time with their loves ones 🤣

  47. Every generation gets shit on by the ones that came before. It happened to Gen X too. We were apathetic, lazy, etc. so it's funny to me to see the tune has changed. "Kids today" is hardly an original thought. It's not to be taken seriously.

  48. Age awareness training should be stuff about hormonal changes, menopause, and physical/mental changes that happen with age. That might actually be helpful. People could have empathy that the 50 year old office ladies might be up all night sweating and the 20 year old office boys might not have a fully formed brain.

  49. Also, I laughed at "asks why?" for millennials because I've actually been told it's weird on multiple occasions that I ask basic 'why' questions about the way we do some things at the places I work.

  50. Is it weird that gen y and z are basically labeled as "They worked for low wages and didn't really give us that many problems as we happily exploited them"?

  51. Just some hope -my very much pro-union and outspoken baby boomer coworker( since she feels younger generations are screwed and don’t have the same protections) lovingly calls Gen Z “revolutionists”, she’s betting on them and so am I (exhausted millennial).

  52. "Our sires' age was worse than our grandsires'. We, their sons, are more worthless than they; so in our turn we shall give the world a progeny yet more corrupt."

  53. If you don't think this is incredibly bad and inappropriate, instead do it with races, genders, or religions and then you'll see how offensive this is.

  54. And that's how you get a 4 hour class in not being a shithead that includes prejudice in power points.

  55. False, I’m a millennial and I can barely do one thing at a time, hate myself and everything I do, and I don’t give a fuck “why?”.

  56. I remember when the older generations called my generation (X), lazy punks with no respect for authority.

  57. This feels like astrological signs - vague enough that most anyone could see themselves in any of these descriptions.

  58. In the US they're usually called the Silent generation. Sometimes the Forgotten generation. Always kind of living in the shadow of the Greatest generation. The greatest generation formed a massive "boys club" around this shared experience of WWII and the people who "just a kid then" were forever shut out of that club. Even after they themselves went to war they are forever told it wasn't anything like what the Greatest had experienced experienced. So they were just told to tow the line, and there wasn't enough of them to really force any issue. Then the boomers went to war and had their own sort of unique experience but there were enough boomers so they were able to make themselves heard and the silent generation stayed lost in the crowd.

  59. I was like wow they actually pointed out the strengths of each generation why is this on this sub... and then I saw the bottom lol

  60. I was so pleased at first! Then kept reading lmao. It’s like she added it specifically to piss people off.

  61. I resent the time span for Gen X. I was born in late 1964 and have NEVER identified with anything Boomer.

  62. Unique/special, they really tried hard on that one, how about we call that gen the great depression part II with how current wages are

  63. There was a management handbook at my former workplace that had a chapter titled "How Do I Work Best With The Millennial Generation?"

  64. Every generation is "Unique/Special" at 18-20 though... I know I thought I was. Also all this time I thought I was Gen X.. turns out I'm a Mellennial?

  65. Good grief. This is still around? I took this training back in 2011. I wasted way too much time in management courses

  66. The truth: The oligarchy fucks up the economy and the planet for everyone who isn’t them all in the name of greed. They then command the media to label people based on generations so that they turn against each other, effectively dividing people and getting them to blame one another, instead of the real culprit.

  67. So ... 'age awareness', which is presumably a half-hearted attempt at DEIB, is done in a way that is intrinsically offensive to certain age groups? Lol boomers gotta boom.

  68. Had a chance to do a training about community employers, resources, and non-profits through my local Chamber of Comm. The presentation by one of our largest employers was freaking unreal. She stood there talking about how they struggled to maintain staffing even though they offered up to 64 hrs a week. Complained that money didn't motivate people like it used to. She was off her rocker.

  69. Baby Boomers: will take all value for themselves, set the place on fire and close the door as only they exit

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