1. I'm a lurker too apparently. Ive been more active lately but idk how reddit works very well so I thought my karma was way higher than six. RIP. Upvote for you tho. 🖤

  2. And did you know that the track "Useful Idiot" features the sound of a skipping needle at the end of a phonograph record that grows louder as you progress? The song appears at the end of the first side of the vinyl version of Ænima as a prank to fool those who owned that version.

  3. I'm happy that it's completely random do it doesn't come off ass-kissing when I say you are incredible for doing this and I think we all needed a bit of faith in humanity restored after these trying times.

  4. I've just been going through and upvoting everyone who says they don't have enough karma if their comment has below 100.

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