1. It’s 1\4 of a custom map i made, this being the bottom right corner. Never noticed that the mountain was.. uh… more ‘excited’ than me to play Rimworld until people pointed it out. Now i can’t unsee it…

  2. The trick is to build your base with infestations in mind. 3 tile wide hallways with a door in the middle make for great chokepoints when fighting bugs.

  3. Alongside the comment about building with fighting inside the base in mind, another useful trick is that insect infestations definitely "prefer" to spawn in darker sections. This means you can intentionally leave mined out areas or even specially made trap rooms dark, so that infestations are a lot more likely to spawn there than in other areas of your base. You can then either roast them, or have prepared positions ready to deal with them.

  4. I use the insects expanded mod which adds a machine that blocks infestations, but makes it so they spawn at the edge of the map but stronger

  5. I’ve never had a big problem with them. Get at least one melee colonist / helpful slave and put them just in front of a doorway. The others can shoot at the bugs while they’re tied up in the doorway choke point. If you have at least moderate armour, usually you can get through it without casualties.

  6. You can make a bait room - dig a small cavern with good defensive positions, put a few 2-3 tile long wood strips and a bunch of wood furniture in there, then make it an animal pen for a day or two so it gets flithy, then tell your colonists to never go in there so it never gets cleaned. Then when the bugs spawn, huck a few molotovs in there and let em cook.

  7. Infestation Bait. They spawn outside my walls near some overhanging mountain left after I mined an exposed steel deposit.

  8. I’m always wary of digging too close to the edge of the mountain because the play through I’m playing now sends legions of pig men that totally ignore my funnels and actual weak points and decide to just grenade the fuck out of the mountain which is a surprisingly effective tactic.

  9. I'm not sure why but a lot of breachers in my colony just walk for a bit and start attacking random walls on the map (even isolated like 4x4 blocks of rock) and after destroying they go for my walls. Had ones that killed some of their own in a roof collapse...

  10. I build it myself using the dev tools, this is only 1/4 or so of the map, the rest i cropped out for better visibility

  11. The time lapse makes it look way faster than it really is, each frame is 2 full days and the entire time lapse is 300+ frames.

  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/RimWorld/comments/10g3s65/comment/j52adbc/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  13. I've been playing vanilla for years now and still suck ass at the game. I'm always in awe of all you fine Rimmersand your well made bases and productivity.

  14. No sign of what most people here refer to as a "killbox", but you can see the intended entrance and prepared positions with an open killing field in front of them show up in various places at various times. First in the canyon entrance, then at the top of the base, then back to around where the canyon entrance was before it got built up.

  15. Awesome.. I love water builds - but where did you get the wood from? From what I recall, building 'bridges' takes enormous ammount of wood

  16. i also watched this two times before i realized it was mountain not ocean. at least i think its mountain...

  17. It’s a mountain base, unless you are referring to the pond. What you are seeing is only 1/4 of the full map so there was a lot more forested areas

  18. You can use the mod “Progress renderer” to make periodic screenshots of your map. You can then use these screenshots as a sort of stop motion time lapse

  19. Not sure 2e are talking about the same thing, but bottom right was a ship from either "mining Co. Spaceship" (or whatever its called) or maybe just "srts". Both are very cool mods, but make obviously the game quite easier (but also more fun if you manage to balance that).

  20. Very pretty op. Can you provide us with a high quality picture of the finished base? I wanted to see how exactly you used each room.

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