1. I dont take the game seriously anymore. I just feel like shit if i tryhard. I dont trow games and dont play comp but we do main swaps with my friend where i play his main and he plays mine and we talk smack how we are better at their characters and cherry pick the only moment where it looks like you knwo how to play. All in good fun.

  2. When I play tank, yes I absolutely play “sub optimally”. I will absolutely continue to play doomfist and ball WAY more than the meta tanks. Is it my fault that blizzard designed them to be incredibly incredibly fun then nerfed their kits? I play better when I am having fun, i research a character/strats/techs when i am having fun. If I think a character is boring I do not play well on them even if they are OP. So yea Ill keep picking ball, doom, and JQ because they are the most fun easily.

  3. Oh yeah it's why I pick Lucio so much I get it. So much fun freedom to be a silly little guy why would I ever care about some dumb slow grandma who has abilities and a play style that makes me wanna vomit blood? Both boring as fuck AND stupid high impact? Hard pass. I need to be in the action

  4. Yes! I mainly play comp but it can be very fun and relaxing (especially after comp stress), to go into QP and/or QP open queue, to try wild shit. I love doing this to explore map positions that never get touched, trying outrageous solo kills, experimenting with unusual play styles for specific heroes, etc.

  5. i do love playing super aggro in qp with like, mercy. like, i never actively throw but i definitely am more inclined to pull out the pistol and go ham if it's qp for fun sometimes. i also will pretty much always make it my goal to get the enemy widow to swap if i'm on support or dps, which means that i suboptimally focus the widow as mercy quite a bit.

  6. Agreed. Hopefully you actually get results though because if I get a Mercy who keeps that gun out but plays respawn simulator I'll bait her into GAing to the enemies and abandon her 🤣

  7. As long as you're trying to play for the win, that's fine. 1 vs 1 is okay. Just don't do it all the time if you're always losing, because then it's a huge disadvantage for your team.

  8. Oh trust me if I get diffed too hard I just go back to supporting my team hoping they didn't notice but that doesn't happen often I'm a stupid slippery meme

  9. Honestly, back when I played that's how I played, I never touched comp but that's literally how it the game is meant to be played

  10. i hit a breaking point a bit ago with the bad matchmaking and no balance changes so if i play now it’s for fun

  11. Oh yeah it's either the most horrible incompetence ever or Blizzard internally decided OW2 is gonna die, put as little in and get as much out as we can before we announce it's shutting down

  12. Last night I played like 5 or 6 comp games instalocking brig and trying not to swap since I think she’s fun to play and I don’t really get to play her enough. I got called out a couple of times by my teammates and got flamed a little bit by one of them, but I won every game.

  13. Yes. It's good way to calm me down if I'm starting to tilt. I'll jump in QP and do something like spawn camp instead of forcing the objective, go for gimmicks like turret bombing, or just rushing with Zen and kicking constantly lol

  14. I mean I'm bronze/silver (not just OW), after historically being gold and up to diamond in other shooters in the past. So yeah. I don't really do anything like you describe. But there are skills I could develop that would help out a lot, ping system in particular. Occasionally I'll nano boost someone I shouldn't.

  15. Honestly played like this in comp today. Just wasn't having that much fun on Mercy today like I usually do, so I just picked Moira and mostly dps-ed (I healed as well though) and actually won most of the games I played. I even just had a game where my team was so good that I was just the Bot Pusher on Ana.

  16. I honestly think that doom rollouts in ow1 was the most fun thing you could possibly doand kept me playing for 2 years after I was just about to quit playing in general but it was such a dogshit way of playing that got you killed 90% of the time

  17. I mean, that's probably most of us, at one point or another. Unless you want/have to be a meta slave, more than likely you've played "just for fun". Especially if we're talking about non competitive modes

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