1. (1) Mobile phones are listening/eavesdropping devices. Would you install a Chinese bitcoin app on your phone? I do not install Chinese nor Russian nor El Salvador apps on my phone.

  2. I don't really see it as criticizing BTC, more criticizing El Salvador's handling of their adoption.

  3. Too many class of 2020/2021 BTC wanna stupid fucks in Monero sub these days. Clowns don't know anything else besides sending a few grand to coinbase and hoping for divine intervention to millionaire land.

  4. sadly thats how you deal with ignorant users, this is a good step anyway, it opens the door, makes people look around and they eventually have to find their way to the real solution on their own, any step away from fiat is a good step

  5. the El Salvador scenario isn't ideal, but do you realize that any purchase you do with a credit card on the internet is also traceable right back to you, the masses don't care about privacy, it's just currency, the only argument for monero is if you need to do something that you don't want the government or everyone else to know about, i'm sorry, but it's just the truth, it will never be mainstream like bitcoin, it will still have a huge market, since there are billions of people doing dodgy shit all over the world, dictators waiting to move wealth around, etc... so many scenarios for monero to succeed, as a mainstream currency, NEVER, they won't allow it

  6. Much much less people can snoop on your credit card payment history than can snoop on your bitcoin payment history.

  7. I guess we should not blame bitcoin for this, this is a complete different thing here and the real blame should be on government for sure guys, that's fact.

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