1. Thanks :) I thought I’d be wearing them for about 18 months but it actually did it in 4 months like the dentist said. I had the option of more IPR and a better smile but I hated the attachments… & I’m happy with the result.

  2. Just started tray 1 today. Fingers crossed mine turns out as well as yours! Looks amazing!!!

  3. Oh :( I think it’s all down to individual differences and how often you wear them. I was just rigid with wearing mine. I didn’t wanna wear them so I thought I’d do it quickly so I didn’t have to have any refinements

  4. I felt like not much was happening until tray 10. I went to the dentist and said I think I’ll need refinements…. And then she gave me a 2 hour appointment at week 15 for more moulds. But we were surprised how it actually went to plan. So she used the 2 hours to take off the attachments and give it all a good clean. A few weeks later I did some bonding and took moulds for the retainers.

  5. Seeing some of yalls before and afters has me questioning how mine is taking 12+ months when it’s not nearly as bad

  6. Holy cow, that is some extremely impressive movement in 15 weeks! Incredible results. And I like the shape of your teeth post-bonding. It still showcases the natural shape of your teeth.

  7. Thanks. Yeah my dentist asked what I wanted; a Hollywood smile or a normal one. I just wanted straight teeth.

  8. They are all single. Just probably not the best image. I didn’t think I’d be uploading the result onto Reddit at the time. Haha

  9. I literally pushed them in so hard every time I put them in. And I chewed in the gums they give you so that the trays fit better. My teeth were so sore throughout the process

  10. wow so how much long do you have to go? I'm on 6 and looking at my 20th tray it looks perfect I'm wondering how long I'll have to go

  11. I’m done with it, just some cosmetic things I’ll do. You can do it if you have them in for most of the day

  12. I had a little IPR at the beginning, and done bonding at the end. Next I’ll be getting my fillings replaced with white fillings. 😁

  13. On 15/18 and I'm happy with them so far but they really cut into my gums. I've tried sanding them with an Emory board but it made them worse. I tried using a buffer but it made no difference. It's hard eating after taking them out also. Not because it hurts but because my teeth don't touch each other properly. They don't chew. Some teeth touch but others don't. They look great though.

  14. Sorry to hear. Mine hurt me too and I was so sore at one point. But I just carried on as no pain, no gain. It paid off though

  15. Yeah… there’s some bonding to the front top 2 incisors and the one of the bottom incisors. I’ve got some metal fillings, and I’m going to get them replaced in the new year.

  16. New to this sub, just considering Invisalign. These results are incredible, congrats! How long did it take? How long do you leave each tray in for?

  17. 15 trays once a week. So it took about 3 months. If the imperfections are not noticeable by others then I would say it’s not worth it. But otherwise, yes go for it

  18. Wow, they look perfect! Only 15 trays and your bite feels good too? Lucky you! I think I’ll need several more trays before my bite feels correct.

  19. Haha… yeah it feels ok. But I think there’s too much focus on a Hollywood smile, I just oppress for straight teeth and 15 trays did it :)

  20. Wow. I’m on tray 20 and feel like I’ve only seen minimal change. But just had a checkup and they said if everything fits okay and no issues things are going as planned. My big thing is crowding.

  21. I think if it’s fitting then it’s not an issue. I think because you see your teeth daily you don’t notice the change, I felt that same at the beginning

  22. I'm curious I have almost 30 attachments altogether and I started to notice that some teeth are whiter than others. Do they whiten your teeth after treatment?

  23. None at all. But you can see the midline is a little off at the bottom, you can’t notice it until I point it out

  24. 15 trays and only 4 months seriously I‘m jealous. I‘m happy for you tho!! Have fun with your new smile!! :)

  25. wow! i have similar crowding and also 15 trays. on 6 rn and dont notice much change but hopefully mine is this good when its over

  26. Holy, my teeth are similar to yours but i had always thought such cases were too severe for Invisalign. So happy to be contradicted

  27. Wait what?! 15 trays! My teeth only needed slight improvements and she said it’d take 12 months! I’m intrigued

  28. I'm in week 2 of my 1st set. The thing I find most difficult is timing coffee. Has any blown off the rules and had some hot tea or coffee?

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