1. Operational? Yes, but it's having an existential crisis right now. It's father was acrobat at an car manufacturer and it's mother was an industrial grade laundry machine. It just wants to take some time to really find itself, y'know? Maybe back off a little?

  2. Zoom in when the video shows the inside. There’s a sign that says, “Sorry, our ice cream machine is down.” /s 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣

  3. Fun fact: the myth that the ice cream machine is always broken at McDonalds is a thing because when people ask, the employee says it's "broke down", meaning the machine has been taken apart either for the night because they're about to close or just for a while so that they can clean it. Or they just don't want to make your shake.

  4. Robots can't clean the kitchen either.. so it's basically just no servers and a conveyer belt to take orders to the window?

  5. I honestly don’t get how people don’t understand this. My local McDonald’s is on a hill, the prep room is upstairs, and a conveyer belt with claw delivers the food down to the window. It’s been that way for I dunno how long… but at least 10 years since I first went there.

  6. Interesting point you made. The first day of process automatization my profesor after making a introduction to the course asked: What is a robot? Which lead to what an what is an automatization process. We are robot in a sense. Its a interesting mental problem.

  7. Can't wait for the 1st video of some yahoo jumping thru the window and fucking shit up inside.....hopefully they have armed drones at the ready.

  8. It's a military base. Nobody is risking fucking their whole platoon and getting beaten by 12 socks filled with soap bars.

  9. I don't know why it got popular all of a sudden on TikTok. Every time I hear it now, it's all pitchy and disoriented. Can't really compare to Lady Gaga though. Like how can anyone just listen to pitchy mixes like this.

  10. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat?” Just like a robo-phone call it just disconnects you!

  11. Weird. I thought Texas needed to build a wall because illegals were taking jobs away from hard working Americans. Illegals = bad. Robots = good. American workers = they do not really care

  12. They don't. That's a Lady Gaga song. Some content creators just edit the music that way as a way to get past copyright and fair use systems.

  13. Former service industry here, I'd be fine with this. Let the robots take all the abuse. I'll be in the back happily making some burgers in peace.

  14. They will never pay you more than they have to because that would mean they aren’t making as much as they possibly can.

  15. So the price comes down right? Since they don’t have to employee more underpaid folks to work longer hours and clean up the indoor dining area? Oh, the price just keeps going up? Makes sense! Breaking through with this technology…

  16. It’s so strange to me that robots eventually replacing jobs threatens the wellbeing of millions in our economic system. In a logical world it would a great thing for everyone, freeing up time and energy for humanity so they can focus more meaningful things than flipping burgers.

  17. Do you want to work at McDonald’s? I know I don’t, and I’m not alone. It’s really difficult for businesses like this to keep employees.

  18. False… there are workers in the kitchen you just don’t see them. This is phase 3 of McDonald’s plan. They want to not have any workers by 2030

  19. Texas already pays people crap with no benefits. Now they just don’t have to do either… you can keep Texas.

  20. I just went to one yesterday, and the order taker was a robot. But it did it a good job. I imagine there will be a lot of morons who will have issues with it.

  21. As someone who works at the drive thru I can not count the many times customer will miss pronounced words all the time or do not know how to order. A few examples are can I get the can I get the burger with the meat sorry which one did you want you know the one with the bread and the meat. Or this one cheese burger no cheese on it. My favorite one was when some one ask me for a deluxe quarter pounder but can you make it plain and add mac sauce. That one was funny. Sometimes it funny sometimes it annoying depending if you only 1 hour in to your shift or 10 hours in

  22. Do we think this is going raise or lower the amount of fight videos from various McDonalds locations that we typically see posted in

  23. I was just in Ft. Worth today! I’m going to have to find this place and check it out for further information! (Yeah, that’s the kind of geek I am!)

  24. In a time where people are complaining about losing their jobs to automation, and with as red a state as Texas is, I'm slightly surpised everyone is on board. I'm glad they are, but mildly surpised.

  25. I've got a mcdonalds by me that uses the automation to take orders. It does pretty well but it still needs an operator listening because it's gotten my order wrong and had trouble fixing it.

  26. Do they have a sensitive, understanding and sympathetic robot manager to take the complaints from the Karens?

  27. I live in Italy and in all the McDonald's I've been to they served me old burgers warmed up in the microwave the majority of times. I've been served freshly cooked meals probably 10 times on, let's say, 200ish. Does this happen in other countries aswell?

  28. The food is still made by people, this is Justin’s to fix the serving problem in Americanecause of the abuse they like to give out to Minimum Wageworkers.

  29. This is in a pretty rough neighborhood. You can see the West Freeway Church of Christ in the background where 3 people were shot during a service. It's the pointed roof.

  30. People arguing that were dumb to let robots take our jobs.. They're not seeing the big picture... Robots don't have eat McDonald's... So who's the dumb one now Ronald?

  31. bear this in mind that Texas is at the federal minimum wage, at a measly $7. And tbf, i would never eat at a spot served by robots/drones. Bender can bite my fleshy ass

  32. Not sure how I feel about this, fast good jobs are good for teenagers or people needing a second job.

  33. “Robots” is a strong word for “conveyor belt”. I already consider “fast food” to be a euphemism for “factory food” so this really completes the production line imo. Don’t bring robots into this

  34. Wow such a nice cafe charm to the food factory. This is peak capitalism. We where sold on robots would free us to relax and not work but doesn't seem to work when you have a debt society so have no means of income to feed house you. We need balance before this becomes the norm.

  35. I picture the people buying from here are the same people who complain about technology or other countries taking away American jobs.

  36. I'm in Canada and my local Korean BBQ has serving robots. They're essentially automated food carts that can go to specific tables, follow staff, etc. And they have little screens on top with cute smiley faces.

  37. Honestly, I thought this type of thing would be cool, but really it’s just kind of depressing. Forced human interaction is pretty much the only kind I get anyway these days.

  38. There has to be humans cooking it, getting food from the freezer to the grill would be an insanely complex task for a robot

  39. Hell yeah, replace the lowest paid person with an overly complicated conveyor belt that will inevitably require high expenses for maintenance and repairs. I just can't possibly see how this is any different from the other massively expensive attempts to replace the lowest paid person with technology /s

  40. I foresee some mentally ill person or homeless walking in and trashing the place or taking a shit on the floor in the middle of the store

  41. Ray Kroc's wet dream! Finally a McDonalds where every last person possible is fucked out of a living. Absolute Unit of a McDonalds.

  42. I keep hearing from people on Reddit that customer service will never be replaced by robots… and that ChatGPT will never contribute to that either.

  43. R/antiwork here’s the result of your efforts. This was inevitable. Now continue eating that fast food that’ll also kill you from the inside.

  44. Remember when Mc Donald's was heaven for kids, bright colors, toys, games, ballons .... now it's just sad beige and brown .

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