1. The dislike removal is the most stupid idea on a platform like YouTube where people go to it for real information, not just dumb ass vids like tiktok or something.

  2. You think many dislikes does not impede on a video being suggested or recommended? I'm sure it does.

  3. Friendly Reminder : Do not go looking for new coins to invest in on YouTube. Do it on Reddit just like I do!

  4. It’s the DM’s you have to listen too. They want to get you in for early adoption . It’s so nice to have such a caring community

  5. Hey, you seem like a smart guy, why don't you buy my new coin, it's called SuperCoolActionMoon or $SCAM for short.

  6. It's a bad idea to take crypto advice from Youtube in general, dislike button or not. It's just a bunch of people shilling their bags

  7. True for most part but scams on YouTube used to be short-lived but with the removal of dislikes, it's just allowed to continue longer.

  8. No, actually. As the dislike count isn't showing up, people just won't bother clicking that thumb-down button. It's rather pointless clicking that button, knowing quite well that nobody would see it.

  9. same if the amount of comments is incredibly disproportional and has only positive messages with lots of likes, the scammer can filter out comments of people trying to expose the scam

  10. Exactly. But hey, these YT motherfuckers don't think about those things. They only care about protecting people's feelings... Or protecting big institutions and legacy media who everybody was slamming dislikes at. I never understood why they removed the dislike count. Fucked Up. It is no longer YouTube. It is TheirTube now.

  11. I think you should be careful with anything you see on YouTube regardless. There’s minimal restrictions on content so long as it’s not offensive/illegal

  12. Not only are they scams, but the youtubers getting paid to shill it as part of their "job" and pretend like "they want you to get rich" nah bro they want to get rich.

  13. When it comes to crypto users, you shouldn't install more extensions. Malicious extensions can drain your wallets and accounts clean.

  14. there is a chrome extension that shows dislike count. the dislike count did not get removed, it is just hidden from the standard interface. if you get that extension you will see the dislike count as before the change.

  15. When it comes to crypto users, you shouldn't install more extensions. Malicious extensions can drain your wallets and accounts clean.

  16. I think there is a app or at least a plugin at Firefox where can you show the thumb ups again, it works for the most time 👍

  17. You're right. But people today care so much about being validated 'on the internet', by others that the dislike button would give them so much grief and sadness. What a world.

  18. So one of the claims was that there’s no difference in the number of people that view a video when seeing the dislikes or not. That’s according to their research apparently:

  19. Because their algorithm banks on the popularity of videos instead of factuality. These algorithms popularize controversies because controversies can spread like wild fires.

  20. If you find yourself in the low market cap sea you are most likely already in the casino of crypto. And on YouTube they basically tell you which slot gives “the most profit” lmao

  21. For the love of God unsubscribe to every YouTube crypto guy. No one knows anything. DCA and go in big on large dips. It's so easy to make money without TA

  22. May God have mercy on your soul if you take crypto advice from youtube "crypto gurus" just accept that no one knows shit about fuck and DYOR. That said there are some decent people on YouTube. Personally I like Benjamin Cowens analysis and he'll never tell you hey you should buy this or that

  23. You don’t search for new coins on YouTube. Nobody puts hours into making a video for some random coin unless they paid for it.

  24. The YouTube Dislike counter is still there. It's just hidden. You can bring it back with this extension.

  25. I have the YouTube app and I can still see the dislike button, is it only a couple users with this? Or am I one of the lucky few?

  26. there were some statistic over Bitboy and over 80% of his shilled coins made a lots of minus. lol

  27. Idiots still fell for rubbish scams when the dislike button count was visible... Saying "be careful" won't make a lick of difference to that lot...

  28. Buy a small amount of token then try to sell it, many scams disable selling so the price keeps going up attracting more buyers then scammers run with the money

  29. Guys there is a chrome extension called youtube dislike which brings back the numbers of dislike on youtube.

  30. i'm really hoping they bring the dislike button back. it was literally one of the best indicators if a video was quality content. now i always have to shift through comments first... fucking annoying.

  31. The dislike count removal is meaningless if you get the chrome extention that adds the counter back in.

  32. Plot twist: YouTube removed the dislike count so they could create their own shitcoins and rugpull their own users without trouble

  33. I definitely agree that it is now more important than ever to be careful with the content on YouTube, as it is becoming an increasingly popular platform for scams. I think that it is important to be especially wary of videos that have high numbers of likes compared to dislikes, as this is often a sign that the video is not genuine.

  34. Correction YOUTUBE HAS reinstated the dislike button, DISLIKE BUTTON ARE STILL ON MY VIDEOS... Sorry caps to tired to rewrite.

  35. First of all, don't make any investment decisions based on YouTube videos. Also there's this browser extension - Return YouTube Dislike. It's not 100% accurate but it works really well.

  36. I strongly advise anyone to download the "Return YouTube Dislikes" browser extension! It works perfectly and is extremely helpful!

  37. More than ever as crypto soars in popularity we all have to be wary of scams and easy payouts, its but simple logic.

  38. If you are buying any crypto based on you tube vids , regardless of the status of the dislike counter , you are an idiot.

  39. The Youtube API apparently still allows querying for dislikes. Just install a browser extension that brings it back on your device, like "Return YouTube Dislike" for chrome for example

  40. Fuck Google and YT for removing the dislikes... It's a disaster and shows how corporate filth views the safety of their products' users..

  41. And remember that a part of these scams includes someone(s) clicking the "likes" thumb repeatedly and writing comments...for some THAT is a job.

  42. Youtube removing the dislike button for their own selfish reasons, clicking on a video and checking the like/dislikes gives you so much information. One quick look at the dislikes and you now that the video is a legit or a scam.

  43. You can look at comments, look at the lack of upvotes, and most importantly, stop getting investing advice from YouTube

  44. This is why we need a Don't Stream from Youtube Day, where we don't watch any YT content for 24hrs - see if we can get that on

  45. Youtube removing dislike count is just reason number 46865446789 that we should migrate to Odysee for crypto videos. A lot of people will get scammed and rugged because of no dislike count.

  46. Not necessarily, you can easily buy Youtube upvotes, so sometimes those scams had a very good Like/Dislike ratio.

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