1. I’ve been looking for something like this forever. This seems like the perfect solution for what I’ve been looking hard for. Unfortunately I don’t think I know where to change parameters. Can that be done in cura?

  2. You might need a cad software to actually cahnge the shape otherwise you could crudely adjust the scale of the model in cura left and right up and down

  3. I read this as paramedic the first time and was confused about why a paramedic would need a bunch of AA batteries

  4. Thermometer, laryngoscope, Coaguchek, and many other point of care devices work on AA or AAA batteries. Glucometers are often CR2032, and other devices are single use disposable lithium or custom rechargeable nicd/NiMH packs.

  5. Thankyou very much for posting this! I was looking for something like this today, great timing. I will try printing one tomorrow in PETG :)

  6. Holy SHIT this is cool! Looks like I just saved a ton of money on a case for a modular synth (now I'm just going to have to print a modular case for it).

  7. FYI, there is a free version of fusion 360. I've had a few attempts at designing stuff, but, alas, I'm no good at it.

  8. I was thinking the same. I have 30+ of laptop battery take apart 18650. All tested for capacity. I store them in a plastic ammo box. Would be nice to have a case

  9. May I ask, why the bumps on the side of the box? Is it just aesthetics or is it functional? Cool box though.

  10. These are fantastic. I may have to size them according whatever size O-rings I can find on Ali Express though. That beautiful trough is too tempting not to make use of!

  11. They are not. I entertained the idea half-way through the design process, but I valued being able to change the lid-to-base ratio, which would cause the lid to be floating mid-air if you're choosing something other than 50% split. I also didn't consider adding clearance between the lid and base when opened completely since the reason it stops opening is because the two external surfaces make contact at 180 degrees rotation.

  12. Yeah, I had a weird case when designing the snapping lid portion. The two external surfaces were congruent, yet still had parting line. The chamfer command recognized 4 edges but when you resize, the two equal surfaces finally merge and Fusion can run the chamfer for the two edges that disappeared. The operation still works fine though.

  13. The box is nice, but IMHO the inlaid supports in the lid and the custom holder inlays are what caught my eye.

  14. Thought the same thing, I’m gonna guess he has no experience with guns, cuz these are literally bullet boxes

  15. Sweet! Have you tried it with PLA? Haven't printed with PETG before. Though quick reading it seems like I could on an Ender 3 without much trouble.

  16. Give PETG a shot. It really is a nice plastic. Strong, shiny... just use the default slicer profile for it since I’m sure it is well tested for an ender 3.

  17. This is awesome. Can you make one that holds 18650 batteries??? You might also consider designing a way to make them stack well too!!

  18. Dude, those are fucking awesome. Ive been looking for something to stow rifle cartridges in, got some boxes for my cheap stuff but want something a little more secure for my precision stuff. If im paying $3 a cartridge, i want that stuff to stay pristine until firing...

  19. Custom body part storage! Hmmmm, have to make it leak proof so none of those law people see anything to snoop around........

  20. This with a through pin hinge would be perfect. I mean it's already excellent. I'm just thinking about it being thrown about at a worksite

  21. This is awesome, great job! Is it possible to make a remix or version for extension cords? I’d love to print some of these for my plugs and decorations outdoors and keep the connections water tight.

  22. I just started incorporating 3d printing into my work flow and I'm quite a novice on design and such. How would one edit?

  23. This is awesome work! I thought I knew how you designed most of it, then I opened the f3d file... Very impressive use of the sweep and revolve functions!

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