1. this is retarded. you could have gone and got some bitches, but you did this GAY ASS SHIT instead. your ancestors are crying rn

  2. bro what did i do to you 💀💀

  3. you are a nerd who gets no bitches and i take this personally

  4. your comments my 13th reason

  5. Bryan Cranston's mannerisms are hilarious lol, the Hal in him really shines through consistently

  6. favorite hal moment is the look he gives jesse in the desert holding a gun to saul's head when saul suggests they kill badger. It's so subtle but it works so well

  7. I believe carti legit does not give a shit about anything and music is just a thing that he does occasionally

  8. thats kinda sad but probably true tbh

  9. thats common knowledge not unpopular opinion

  10. all bts fans gotta be kids bro who acts like that over people that will never know or care about them

  11. nothing unique or special bout his music

  12. adin ross doesn't have a single fan over the age of 14

  13. I'm convinced these bastards can teleport through walls. I've seen them appear in closed rooms that were virtually airtight.

  14. real shit, fuck these things

  15. I Want both pump and purpp to drop their albums and succeed tbh. LP2 has really good features for it to not drop

  16. isn't it when a show runs out of ideas?

  17. Thank you and you’re not wrong, I’m hoping to expand my music catalog and this post has had so much discussion and I’m happy with how much music I can begin to listen to! Btw do you have any suggestions?

  18. I would suggest listening to other genres in general just to see if you like them, but based on this list you'd probably like TA13OO, Pray for paris, and maybe piñata

  19. Westside gunn is awesome as well as Griselda as a whole! I went crazy listening to hwh 8 side b when it came out!

  20. what did you think about tana talk 4

  21. sonic peaked in 2016, but any of them besides knuckles could get it fr

  22. people actually listen to ken? thought it was a joke

  23. Major L, Ken Carson has arguably the best beat selection in this sector of rap

  24. beat selection but sucks ass at rapping and he's old and ugly and beats women

  25. how is he supposed to know that it gets posted every week, just ignore it if you don't care

  26. don't even do 100 gecs like that

  27. I think white people need to expirience some racism now. Their ancestors tortured people. White people should have to deal with that now and thankfully it looks like it’s headed that way

  28. not even that original i heard it before but it's not even too offensive for real

  29. ik u don't have your whole toes out 💀💀👅

  30. mfs only voting for uzi cause this is an uzi sub, it's obviously X and it's not close

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