1. I've not found any exact matches, but the style was popular and appears consistent with fixtures from 1920-1930. If it dates from that period, the price was very fair.

  2. Image searches aren't producing any results. Doesn't strike me as an antique as the carved glass appears consistent with what is seen in more modern manufacturing. Are there any makers marks on the base?

  3. Google Thorens TD-224. You can also find a few linear tracking decks that have a stylus on each side of the record. If you scroll through my history, you'll see my Sharp that plays both sides of the record without having to flip it over.

  4. I collect just about every music format to include MD.  Just found this sub and thought I'd share most of what is in the MD stack.  My main player is a Pioneer MJ-D5 that is part of a vintage Pioneer home setup.  I was buying these back when they first came into the market and really hoped they'd take a larger market share than they did for all the reasons that I'm sure are regularly discussed here in the sub. 

  5. Recommended to me by a redditor here in this sub, I was surprised to find a complete copy in such good condition.  It's maybe the single most intricate gatefold package I've seen.

  6. I've always viewed British Steel as their break out album, at least in the U.S. but that is probably bias on my part from when they hit my radar. SWoD is my favorite Priest album, but I love all of their early albums. Well, all of them really, but especially the early stuff like this.

  7. Based on the title, I thought this post was for sure going to be a bunch of Ennio Morricone soundtracks and compilations.

  8. I've been thinking about doing the same, and I'm curious, how much noise does it make? And do you think that it would be suitable in an apartment?

  9. He's on the second floor, and I can definitely hear it when I'm downstairs. It isn't bad, but of course, I'm used to hearing drums in the house all the time. We have hard floors though, so with carpet and pad, it might be ok.

  10. Lol, I bet that’s quite the set up. I kinda did the same, got my practice pad and kick pad set up to the left of my hi hats, so I just rotate my throne like 45 degrees and I’m good to go.

  11. He has an electric kit in his room. The proximity to his bed and everything else a teenage boy wants has definitely increased his practice consistency. His acoustic kit is in a garage converted into a practice space. I do appreciate the feedback because although I grew up playing music, it wasn't drums, so I've learned to be a decent dad/rodie/drum tech via trial and error and youtube tutorials.

  12. My initial Japanese pressings came into my possession by happenstance.  Like many, I had some records handed down to me.  Over the years of collecting, some of the albums I picked up just happened to be a Japanese press.  I'm at a point where I have most of what I want in my collection, and new releases are added fairly infrequently.

  13. Yeah I think that’s what it is! Never even knew that was a thing!

  14. As soon as I saw a Hurdy Gurdy on the album cover, the seed was planted. Off to check it out.

  15. Great first album to spin. The sub directly below the player may cause some issues if they're sharing a fixture as the vibrations could reach your tonearm and stylus and affect playback.

  16. is vinyl worth it? im quite interested in getting a record player and some vinyls but the player is $220sgd and vinyls are from $30-80sgd which adds up fast (record player + 2 vinyls = close to $300) is listening on vinyl worth it for a long time?

  17. It really depends on the person. Some get into the hobby and are turned off by the expense, storage requirements, maintenance of the medium, the snap, crackle and pops, or even having to flip the record over when listening. But for others, that is all part of the labor of love.

  18. Does anyone know of record sleeves that fits gatefolds? I bought

  19. Yes, they exist. Search for gatefold or large outer record sleeves, and you'll find a few options. Most of the more prominent sleeve makers offer different sizes up to and including sleeves for box sets.

  20. I collect and work to preserve old radio broadcasts as part of the hobby.  Mostly rock and  pop artist features from the 80s and 90s.  I have a fairly large collection of radio broadcasts on vinyl and reel-to-reel.

  21. A few places. Two were given to me by my step-dad. One came from big record store in Dallas and one came from Discogs. I had searches set up on Discogs and eBay for a couple of years before NoTB popped up.

  22. Look for the Santana record Lotus from which the Santana live album was compiled from. 1974 3 LP set in an amazing elaborate album package available only in Japan.

  23. I have that Priest record and love it, cool seeing it with the blue obi. Very nice selection!

  24. Definitely the 45 rpm. Out of the rest, it's a toss-up between the 180g and the Japanese pressing

  25. I usually have one copy of any given record in my collection.  I guess I have a soft spot for my favorite Priest album because I can't seem to pass it up when I run across a version I don't have.  These have accumulated over a 30-year period.

  26. If it can repo itself, I'm signing it up for Uber so it can pay for itself too.

  27. Great album and an amazing band. I had the chance to see them open for Incubus at Red Rocks last year. It's the first time I've ever bought tickets because I wanted to see the opener more than the main act. They're just as great live.

  28. Played in that exact spot so many times growing up. Recognized it as soon as it scrolled by in my feed despite not being there for maybe 25 years. Glad to see it hasn't changed.

  29. FYI, the "Entry-Level Turntable Guide" and "Turntables to Avoid" are dead links.

  30. Thanks! I had checked them all but will take a look and see what's going on. Appreciate the heads up.

  31. Those posts say "Sorry, this post is no longer available" if I'm logged in, but do show up if I view them in a private window.

  32. Fair. They're the same links that are in the weekly question thread. There are a number that are in need of an update. I'm looking for user submitted content to update those. Absent that I'll slowly work through building wiki pages that won't be as static or stagnant. This is just a start to refreshing the sub. Appreciate the feedback.

  33. I remember. That whole thing generated a lot of mod reports. Good on you for coming back and owning it!

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