1. I went hybrid route. I custom-built a pretty new server (Xeon Silver 4210T), but with second-hand parts (even HDD's). The result is a very quiet, yet very powerful server with plenty of PCIe lanes and 224 GB RAM (I can still put more) that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

  2. You can do this, It’s call router on a stick, or ROAS.

  3. And why is that? It should be able to, 1G Ethernet is full-duplex.

  4. That is a very old dual core CPU in a very old laptop.

  5. Also, probably trying to run Chrome/Firefox or any other modern browser with more than just 2-3 tabs open.

  6. We already have a boundless source of energy (the sun). In fact, humidity, winds, etc. are all just byproducts of solar energy.

  7. Yes, it's not but i guess 90% of proxmox users use virt-viewer to manage multiple vms. It's the standard suggested way. What else would they use then ?

  8. It's probably going to do just fine and I love AMD on my desktops.

  9. I like amd for ECC as you can get ECC support on some consumer grade motherboards. With Intel it seems you do need to step up to a workstation grade platform before you can get that.

  10. That's fair. For me, I stick with Intel cause I typically stand my server up and forget about it. I don't want to constantly tinker with it so I need it to be absolutely rock solid stable as it runs essential services for my LAN and AMD's ECC on consumer boards is "unofficial" and it's one of those YMMV because maybe the CPU supports it, but whether or not the motherboard supports it and also does it correctly is another story. Last I checked on their product page, the CPU's that do have official ECC support starts with Threadripper (basically entry level server).

  11. Majority of people just use defaults (myself included). This is really why we have so many distros and even within the same distro family, you have "flavors" which is really just the same distro with different chosen defaults.

  12. What in the world.... you kids these days think that phrase will grow the size of your e-peens or something? It's an OS, not a freakin' religion/cult.... It's no wonder authoritarianism is on the rise these days.

  13. I hate top-down isometric view that LoL and Dota use... and yeah the clicking....

  14. Before you waste your time: What do you want to do with it? Write texts? Fine. Learn how to program? Fine. Write your master thesis with LaTeX? Fine.

  15. Yeah this. Really the biggest bloat on my system at any given time is always the web browser by far. It takes up the majority of CPU/RAM resources.

  16. So every one is complain about damage yet you want to nerf a tank items

  17. Probably hunter or mage main would be my guess.

  18. I'm a tank main. Always have been. Now what? World shattered?

  19. Ah I see, more a guardian one I presume? Cause warriors are in a bit of a tough spot right now. The last thing they need is yet another nerf. I don't even see the AA ones anymore really, besides Vamana obviously, but he's more like an ult bot (and maybe Amaterasu).

  20. I don't think this would work in NYC cause they just repaint majority of the stolen bikes jet black and then they get sold to restaurants for delivery workers.

  21. It's a bit surprising that only two people in the comments mention Java. It's a question as to how this particular application runs better on the JVM (which one?) on Linux; not about being 'better engineered' in the abstract.

  22. Well. It's a Linux subreddit after all. I wouldn't be surprised if a significant amount are shills.

  23. Machine this old.. Put it back in the bin.

  24. ^This. Core 2 Duo is 15 years old. Some people probably have kids younger than this thing.

  25. I suppose if you really have no money to spare. You can get something under $100 on eBay and it'll be far more powerful while also consuming far less power and probably also take up far less space.

  26. smiteguru is good as long as you sort by the higher elo ranked conquest builds. idk why people are downvoting this suggestion. It may not be copying the spl builds 1 for 1 or anything similar, but it helps. and it's better than a site like smitefire.

  27. I don't know.... I guess a lot of people in this sub think they play better than masters players? *shrug*

  28. Performance would be worse on mirror pool vs 3x raid-z would it not?

  29. RAIDZ is NOT optimized for performance. It's optimized for SPACE efficiency.

  30. Plex is exactly the use case you want for keeping apps on mirrored SSDs instead of a raidz. Loading all that artwork from an array of spinning disks can be really laggy. I agree that care must be taken with this configuration.

  31. I'm not sure what you're talking about. I host Jellyfin (open source version of Plex/Emby) on spinning rust just fine. Hosting Plex isn't the same as hosting high demand database used by thousands of users or VM's.

  32. Myself, I'm a Debian Stable user. I don't use flatpak, Snap or Appimage. I stick to my repositories or build from source. Building from source is a great skill to have. Especially being a Debian Stable user. So you can update a few behind applications when necessary. If you can't wait for them appear in the updated repositories. Arch and AUR are the living on the edge kind of people and having the sharpest sword in the Linux community. As the most current updated of everything. I'm more of a sloth than a caribou.

  33. I guess that's great for people with the time. I personally don't have the time and it's certainly not cause I don't have the skills. Developing is my day job after all. I just can't be bothered doing more of what I already do all day just to install a software that I could install in a few seconds in other ways.

  34. I have kind of an OP server, but it hosts 15+ VM's has 6 drives in it and barely above whisper noise. This is because I use a massive Define 7 XL + 6x 140mm ultra quiet fans. Be aware, the case IS massive and heavy, but I haven't moved it since it went online, so I don't really care.

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