1. The West sure is slow. They're still promising them while Russia already handed theirs over.

  2. Didnt Poland hand over more than 230 tanks very early in the conflict?

  3. I’d like to imagine in 20 years there will be Ukranian farmers plowing fields with everything from mundane tractors to T-14s

  4. Removing all those unexploded ordinance from those fields will sure take years. They have so many craters that they look like the moon.

  5. I wonder if enemy dogs can sniff it and find the tents.

  6. It's also supposedly way better than a T-72. More akin to a T-90, if I recall.

  7. Did you guys know that Alan Ruck (Connor) and Brian Cox (Logan) are only 10 years apart in real life?

  8. I’ve got a friend who’s super passionate about film and talented. They’re slugging their way through Hallmark movies just to get experience and connections. They said they’ve never seen something they’ve worked on.

  9. Your friend should watch the stuff they make. Just to know how it could have been made better...

  10. I'm suddenly curious if foreign intelligence agencies might choose not to have the best looking, smoothest guys on earth in certain situations.

  11. The book / tv show "acquarium" explains this. GRU often took people with forgetabble, common faces.

  12. So far it didnt insult the viewers with stupid plot

  13. That is not a joke, that is an accurate depiction of US logistics.

  14. Your comment is great

  15. Perhaps make the difficult discussion with children first what they want to keep and if they have space to keep it.

  16. Or maybe they think they will be tortured when caught and prefer death.

  17. Ukraine's strategy is to actually treat enemy soldiers as humans - what puts Russia in a very difficult PR situation, both internally and externally. Average Russians can wonder why do those supposedly >bad< Ukrainians actually help the wounded.

  18. This was apparently not a breakdown, the inexperienced driver had just accidentally kicked on the parking brake (according to Russia)

  19. In Russia they always blame some low level grunt. They never blame the system.

  20. What do those people even do?

  21. I'm not asian but I tell people I have diarrhea when I don't want to do anything, so I can at least verify it's a useful tactic.

  22. It also works when you want to exit a crowded bus

  23. Can you please give examples of standard builds?

  24. Yep my partner is Polish and they dont want to go back, we wanted to visit Poland so they can show me their country but because how the government is we wont be able to. From what they've shown me the Polish government is trying to make sharing memes about Christianity illegal, anti-christian speech illegal etc

  25. At the moment it is mostly 'virtue signaling' not real actions.

  26. For someone who supposedly hates "The West" so much, it is strange that the device is called "spider". Same for using "z".

  27. Maybe because joining kgb was one of the few good jobs that ensured a good standard of living back in the soviet days?

  28. So he joined KGB to have a good standard of living. Is he a patriarch because he believes in all of this, or because he wants a good standard of living? Does he support Putin to maintain good standard of living?

  29. You can be stripped off citizenship if you have one from different country. If they had RU passports, it would be a reason. Russian churches in Ukraine were just propaganda places full of agents.

  30. The main Russian Patriarch is a KGB agent.

  31. Until there is a game with similar custom map system as StarCraft Brood War, there wont be any golden age.

  32. StarCraft Brood War has an use-map-settings map about LOTR, but it is very primitive by today's standards.

  33. People just don't like selling, selling creates loss aversion it feels like you lost something.

  34. Well those shares will probably give you dividend next year.

  35. what is irrelevant because a dividend is not free money.

  36. But isnt it "free money" if you consider it in a longer time period (say 2 years, not 1 week/month)? Most companies that give dividend are mature enough to not fold, so probably their stock is not losing value either.

  37. The Baltic states are irrelevant. Poor economies, weak military. The only ‘advantage’ is their position and a few k cannon fodders.

  38. If those countries are irrelevant then why does russia want them back so much?

  39. As much as I dont like russians, in a war everything goes.

  40. To be fair, H1B is also necessary in the US because not everyone in the US can afford good education here, and our public education at all levels sucks due to shit funding, teacher/professor pay, teaching to the test vs teaching skill attainment. In some countries, they do a better job at teaching STEM and preparing students from different backgrounds for tech jobs. Just is what it is.

  41. In third world countries they blantantly cheat at every exam, so you never know whom you will get

  42. What you just posted is impossible to quantify, so you're making lots of assumptions, but here's a counter anecdote: Lots, and lots, and probably more American students cheat.

  43. I dont doubt that there are students in USA that cheat, but it is not as rampant as in some third world countries where cheating is basically a sport.

  44. like 40% of French people voted for Le Pen, who looks like a russian plant sponsored by a russian bank

  45. Lol. I didn’t learn on a floor like this. My gym was too small. I also did traditional gymnastics too.

  46. Well you have this special floor so you can do this. We dont have that floor so we cannot do this. I think it would be easy to do with this special floor, but I dont have one.

  47. LMAO. Okay. Sure. I bet you can do this. I guess you also missed the part where I said we didn’t have a floor like this at our gym (I went to a very small, broke, inner city gym at a middle school). We had mats on wood pallets. I still learned to power tumble. When I went to competitions I got to use one of these—it doesn’t make it THAT much easier. Clearly though—you have more insight than someone who did this for literally 2 decades.

  48. Well you do this because you have the special floor, since most people dont have the special floor they dont do this.

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