1. there were a couple snippets that didn’t sound crazy but majority of them sound really good, especially BYE

  2. great video. hoping faygo can really bounce back and ignore the trolls

  3. marvelous and price been my favorites since it dropped

  4. marvelous, price and slip slowed go crazy

  5. hoping he drops a vinyl ima definitely cop that

  6. i always thought it was pretty decent, and overhated within the community

  7. shame that it isn’t gonna make the album, i still have high hopes tho

  8. Pierce. don’t see Dillon getting a lot of touches and i definitely don’t see Etienne doing much with Jrob playing

  9. fr, i never thought no stylist would drop before pink heartz

  10. BigBabyGucci. not super unknown but he got great music

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