1. Makes me really wonder how he prepared her genitals and in what kind of dish he made them

  2. Parang sa Pasay to ah. Chinese company? Lol

  3. Kaya daming mushroom software development companies ngaun, exploited mga fresh grad.

  4. Hello lads! This is my mod I've been working on for some time. It uses ChatGPT to let you chat with any CK3 character ingame.

  5. He kept saying how good it was that it ruined marvel for him, why marvel? Because previously he sucked massive d from marvel and thought they were peak fiction.

  6. Isipin mo na lang parang defensive driving yung Unit test, yung mga newbie hirap sa UT which are mostly hired by StartUps. Tumataas yung technical debt.

  7. I thought this was a joke when I first saw it. I came here to see if anyone posted about it and then I saw that Scooter Braun became the sole CEO of Hybe America so I think today is cursed. I don't understand the appeal of ai idols.

  8. Someone in SM still in vtuber rabbit hole lmao

  9. Based on history Kanki won't die here right?

  10. Valid comments here. Sana stickied to sa sub kasi pa ulet ulet n.

  11. Oh come on. Offensive naman tlga ung Kanta n yan. You sing it kung gusto mo mang asar o bad trip k dun sa tao.

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