📣 Had a call with Reddit to discuss pricing. Bad news for third-party apps, their announced pricing is close to Twitter's pricing, and Apollo would have to pay Reddit $20 million per year to keep running as-is.

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  1. Vanguard also isn't the current cod and had an enormous amount of changing things that worked

  2. The developers of Vanguard are making the new CoD.

  3. There are headphones that compete in the same price range like the DT 900 Pro X, Sundara, R70x and even the cheaper 560s.

  4. Yeah, you're going to catch a lot of shit for saying it here, but Apple's support is just way, way beyond anything else I've ever seen in this industry.

  5. At normal listening volumes, you can barely hear music one meter away from my 900 Pro X.

  6. I’ve was in the market for a rx6700xt/6750xt and out of all the more budget models I looked at the mech 2x was the only one I saw with user reviews stating how hot and loud it is. Another red flag for me personally was the sheer amount of them on the second hand market. I’m going to check for a more objective source now.

  7. Please no shit studio, i'm begging, this series NEEDS a good studio and staff, i can't bear to watch these sick action scenes poorly animated or littered with still shots.

  8. First of all it is called DirectStorage not DirectSense. Second Sony doesnt support it because Microsoft made it and they made it specifically for PCs not consoles. You know Microsoft doesnt support it either even though they made it. Third even with GPU decompression custom silicon will most likely still be far superior to it. Why do you think ASIC mining was way better than GPU mining? Custom silicon will always be more powerful and more efficient than generic solutions, it is the whole reason we have GPUs in the first place. Fourth your PC has many bottlenecks buddy it isnt a super computer.

  9. Audeze Maxwell are highly recommended here

  10. Imagine if the son of the US President threw a party in the White House and posted pictures to social media of him lying about drunk in the Oval Office. That's approximately the US equivalent of what's going on here.

  11. IE200? Congratz, you just made the best choice possible below $200 :)

  12. Better than the S12 Pro, Timeless, Wu Heydey Edition, Dioko, Yume II and Kato?

  13. happy to check your rankings list!

  14. My main criticism is that the distinction between tone grade and technical grade doesn't make sense.

  15. did he really say "you don't even know what a trick shot it" as a insult?

  16. It's good to see that there are sane people on the comments here.

  17. Imagine moving from one sanctioned, third world dictatorship to another in hopes for a better life. BUT ALSO, you get to catch a bullet, maybe some shrapnel included! Maybe even die in a war in a foreign land in another hemisphere you had NO BUSINESS doing.

  18. The tropics sucks, especially with global warming. The Caribbean is already pushing the boundaries of temperatures that humans can comfortably live in. It will also be underwater in the future thanks to rising sea levels. Plus, it's in a region that is prone to hurricane and earthquakes.

  19. A lot of us have never played Das Haus because we didn't buy Vanguard. Sorry that you bought mid and played it for a year.

  20. How can you know it's mid if you didn't play it? This is just circle jerking.

  21. I would really like to know as well if there are some alternatives.

  22. I love soundstage in pop and electronic music

  23. Have you tried EQ'ing them? Others have said it already, but yeah open backs are not great at sub-bass and impact - the things that greatly benefit from sound isolation.

  24. DT 900 Pro X and Edition XS have good sub bass.

  25. Huh, I wonder what the only effective treatment is for gender dysphoria?

  26. Your source does not say that transitioning is the only effective treatment for gender dysphoria.

  27. If you really ever cared about Battlefield, you'd have pre-ordered the ultimate edition & played the game from day 1.

  28. I don't understand launching a budget lineup of cards and having it perform poorly in the type of games budget buyers love to play. Older games are fodder for my slower PCs and handhelds, and I could never fathom buying a card that only does well in ~60 modern games.

  29. What percentage of average normie consumers are playing DX9 games?

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