1. it being the first film to hit 1m 5 stars isn’t helping your case bud 💀

  2. triangle of sadness one is way better than what we did get

  3. it’s obviously gonna hit it today or tomorrow so ofc it’s gonna be the first one 😭

  4. i’ve had wifi this slow, i think it was capped at 500kbps and more expensive. couldn’t even load a youtube video on the lowest quality. it was awful but really made me be outside more lmao

  5. ive been getting them all within 10 secs

  6. swear i’ve seen this exact message before

  7. As a cart pusher I feel this 😭 I get about 35,000 - 40,000 steps on an 8 hour shift.

  8. wait to spend then until the next ancient comes out

  9. you do not know what gatekeeping means lmaoooooooo

  10. Lol because you’ve seen 680 films. I promise you you will come back to it in a decade and feel differently.

  11. they hated him because he told the truth

  12. i started with like 150 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. Best advice, just don’t show up and find a new job.

  14. these comments are dumb bc im sure if they could they would lol. just got a job at walmart after applying everywhere after several months and they were one of the only ones to call me to set up an orientation/interview. ofc we don’t want to work at walmart but we have no choice. saying to find a new job is pretty discouraging to people too

  15. The fact that you can’t keep playing past obtaining the cookie is a luck wall. I’m 235/250 I play daily but If I spend any more time on this game it’d be a job.

  16. if you play daily you should’ve easily gotten to her pit… that’s your fault that you didn’t. you didn’t even need to spend a lot of time either (from experience)

  17. this looks amazing!! have you guys looked into any of jirí trnka’s works too??!

  18. yesss!! i love a midsummer nights dream. a boxset of his stuff would be so lovely

  19. i forget where but recently i saw someone say that they contacted them somehow a couple months ago and said that they’re still working on the set

  20. i think criterion has a month-long sale in july and november

  21. Sadly the can’t offer English subtitles. Probably some rights issues with other companies like Eureka.

  22. i doubt this will ever happen but what i’m actually worried about is letterboxd being bought by amazon or smth and them ruining the app

  23. Hmmm, only know Possession from him. And that was a terrible movie.

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