Spent the weekend doing some blender modeling. This is the result.

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  1. Much better result than I was expecting! Too cool.

  2. Love the idea of a propaganda sign about not listening to propaganda. That’s like tobacco companies telling people not to smoke.

  3. I mean, a quick google did reveal that both things indeed happened…

  4. I’d take a steamy shit over the railing.

  5. Never version control things that can be generated at build time. It just becomes vcs churn, makes history incomprehensible, etc etc. Use artifact management for storing and versioning binaries.

  6. You can. But it’s so dull to drive and takes so long to accelerate you won’t really want to.

  7. It’s not a WRX, but it still does 0-60 in 7.1 seconds. That would be an absolute monster 50 years ago. A 1973 ford mustang took 8.5.

  8. The 2023 models are much improved over previous generations yes, I was referring to any Prius up until the 2023 model year. Which takes about another 3.5 seconds to hit 60.

  9. Fair, still not insanely bad. Problem these days is every car is fast and anything moving at 100+ has a lot of kinetic energy, regardless of how long it took to get there- and I guess my main point is that almost every car today can do at minimum what cars half a century ago topped out at.

  10. Gonna need a link to that Bernie Stl too bro!

  11. They're anti-Biden. Biden could come out saying people shouldn't jump off of bridges and conservatives would post videos of themselves jumping off 1 foot tall bridges and calling him an old idiot.

  12. He should really do that, that Tik Tok trend sounds fire.

  13. If anyone deserved having barbed wire snaked trough his body from mouth to butt and pulled slowly in either direction, it’d be that monster. I hope cancer so aimed hime completely bottom to top.

  14. So all previous investigations reopened right? RIGHT?

  15. Oh they built the wall! Must be lonely to have no real friends except some commenters on your other wall- the one on Facebook.

  16. Everything about this “museum” is incredibly stupid and a means to scam people.

  17. During our massive family gathering this past Xmas I had arrived later than most. My nephews kept on saying, “We saw Noah’s Ark!!!” And I thought they were just saying what young kids say about usually half hearted stuff adults put on for them.

  18. Agreed. Mother in law went there, kept talking about how it was scientifically accurate. I wanted to blow my brains out.

  19. One of my coworkers is Lithuanian- nicest person ever. No surprise to me that they’re such chads!

  20. People on reddit absolutely love to bash large business (and rightfully so on most occasions), but costco saves their members money, pays their staff well and gives good benefits.

  21. I worked there in college- if you have to work retail, this is the place!

  22. You'd be surprised how many people are "fans" that have no idea what they're listening to

  23. Like when Richard spencer the nazi said that depche mode is his favorite band.

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