1. syllabic r in english is pretty close, if not, identical, to the vowel of nurse and letter in my accent

  2. Please look into what type of person Museveni is before making a comment like this. He is absolute evil

  3. Yeah, he was based only in the Palestine instance

  4. You guys are one of the only post-soviets that managed to kibda cut ties with Russia, alongside Ukraine itself and the Baltics. Everyone else is unfortunately too connected to Russia, economically and etc, to publicly and directly support Ukraine. Kazakhstan does help them put though. Not directly

  5. People often forget there are

  6. Yeah, but in those muslim regions, people don't look very white (see Chechens, Tatars, Bashkirs, Ingushes, etc)

  7. Notably, Russian word for "life", "Žizň" (Жизнь, /ʐɨzʲɲ/) can form a verb "to live", "Žit'" (Жить, //), which, when conjugated forms a word similar to "život", which is "živjot" (Живёт, /ʐɨvʲɔt/)

  8. It's technically "International Social Democratic Party" (Жалпыұлттық Социал Демократиялық Партия)

  9. Жизнь неправильно написано. "Жи", "ши" пиши через "и".

  10. They intentionally misspell words sometimes to convey sarcasm or frustration

  11. Many Kazakhs have been turning to faith in Jesus and finding community in small protestant churches or “home churches”. Верующи in the churches there have helped many Kazakhs navigate romantic relationships, form friendships, recover from alcoholism, raise their families, etc.

  12. Wow being Christian in South Kazakhstan must be tough

  13. Someone should genuinely do a welfare check, cause I think they may have had a stroke.

  14. It's all from a videogame.. OP's profile.picture is also from a videogame

  15. You both misspelled it. It's "Bärı jaqsy bolady" /bærɘ ʐɑqsə bɔɫɑdɯ/ ("Бәрі жақсы болады")

  16. By authoriarianism, from freest to the least democratic

  17. People who are overly confident and cocky online but are absolute wastes of space in person.

  18. Russians have a saying about this "Na slovakh Lev Tolstoy, A na dele khuy prostoy" "With the words he is Lev Tolstoy, But in reality he is a simple d1ck (as in penis)"

  19. "Let's copy and paste the text on the Saudi Arabia flag, turn it black & delete the background" - Taliban

  20. There isn't much you can "customize" with the shahada, one of the most important sentences in Islam.

  21. You say "Good duck". You must say "Dobroye Utro".

  22. He's the reason why I had Osama Bin Swaggin as my profile pic on Skype

  23. Объясните, пожалуйста, в чем прикол. Не догоняю

  24. "Фаллоимитатор" звучит слишком формально, слишком профессионально, в этом и прикол.

  25. Should've went for the Korean Mike Ehrmantraut joke, where Jonathan Banks still plays Mike even though everyone else was changed

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