1. I’ve been theorizing that Steel had something to do with Soft and Stone’s deaths. Maybe they were gonna betray the Citadel and Steel did it out of a sense of duty or something. The claw marks are almost certainly from Yorren, so maybe he tried to stop her. The fact that Steel then raised Suvi out of guilt is incredibly sad.

  2. Ohhh I didn’t even think of Eoighorain given her the scars. That fits perfectly

  3. I definately thought that Steel was the one that betrayed Suvi’s parents.

  4. It looks like you just applied too much? Although it’s a matte, full coverage foundation so they never look natural.

  5. Yeah I dialed it back this morning and added a drop of serum and it looks way better

  6. To me it looks like you could be using conflicting formulas in your foundation and primer. Also I think you can get a full coverage without this cakey texture. And since it sounds like you are using full coverage to cover your redness you should totally try to use a color correctors and then use a more medium coverage foundation. Those Elf color correctors that everyone loves right now are actually great and only $4! Cause honestly your skin looks beautiful so covering the actual texture is a shame.

  7. A few people have said that. Oddly, I’m using the corresponding primer for the foundation. I think I just went too heavy handed. You’re right about the spot color correcting; I need to pick some up. I was considering the shape tape ones but I’ll give elf a go first! Gotta love the price point.

  8. Jack Daniels is NOT only available here, but we do a proper job of making bourbon undrinkable .... so let's throw that on the pile of national embarrassments out of TN

  9. I thought Jack was great at 21. Now that I’ve been in the south long enough I’ve realized it’s trash. I also can’t stand Uncle Nearest in spite of the free bottles we get from a friend who’s a rep.

  10. Tried it for the first time in the Caribbean! Lol. I wonder how similar 🤔

  11. These are amazing beyond all belief!! This is EXACTLY how I pictured them in my head. Your talent is unreal.

  12. If you’re truly past the 24h mark or whenever it resets, then sometimes playing the game for a minute ( tap on and move a few items) will cause the option to reappear.

  13. at what level does the video option not appear anymore is the other thing. i think levle 4 items

  14. Typically 4 but I occasionally get level 5 and 6 freebies from the dessert and drink chains.

  15. Check temptalia for shade dupes and product descriptions

  16. Sometimes coconut in products can cause symptoms of protein overload. Maybe try coconut free for a while and see if that helps

  17. I thought of that but I don’t use it often; I usually cowash. It wouldn’t hurt to cut it out though.

  18. Olaplex is in a class action lawsuit right now where other users are reporting the same thing. I would suggest stop usage of Olaplex and see if that helps. I would say the very least research Olaplex. I didn't look too much into it myself just heard about the the lawsuit.

  19. Ahh interesting; I hadn’t heard. Drat. I’ll quit using it and hope my hair recovers with some TLC

  20. Guest medical doesn’t apply to anyone who lives in your home, but I hope your husband heals up well and that the fire damage to your home wasn’t bad!

  21. I try not to pay too much attention to complaints online because I like the comic and don’t want to focus on the negatives. … BUT… I will say I no longer find myself vying for Saturday night and immediately spending money on fast passes. I usually log in about once a month or so and catch up on episodes. It just doesn’t grab me like it used to.

  22. Glad I can be unique/special even at 34!

  23. I would argue that kids don’t suck; they (usually) get older, become adults, and then suck. Children influenced by sucky adults may display the same sucky behaviors, but that doesn’t mean they innately suck. I’ve never known a child with terrible behavior (that sucks) that grew up to suck less.

  24. Oh they’re adorable and sweet and innocent… and loud, and sticky, and exhausting lol. Don’t mind me I just prefer sleeping in and cuddling my pets in sweet sweet silence.

  25. Kinda beside the point, but doesn’t the Speedwell series have like seven books? I’m just about to start book 5.

  26. Yes, with an 8th about to come out I believe. According to Goodread, it doesn’t get steamier as it goes unfortunately.

  27. Opening my own bar one day where shitty cocktails like this are STILL better than $19 margaritas at the other places

  28. Please do. Love to drink; will travel 😂

  29. Bro, I just moved here from Florida and found the most authentic Venezuelan food I've seen since visiting my family in Venezuela. You gotta go to Antioch/Nolensville to find the good stuff

  30. Which would be??? Name drop pretty please.

  31. Reminds me of Airlines passing out credit card applications before they let you get off the plane.

  32. Hey I don’t mind. Every couple years I’ll sign up for one, take the bonus points that usually equal a free round trip flight and then cancel it within the year.

  33. Nah, we were planning to chill in the cafe. I’m under no delusion the cafe will be any less packed than usual. I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was MORE packed than usual on NYE.

  34. Estée Lauder futurist hydra rescue spf 45 foundation is a water base foundation it has a nice coverage it is also buildable or L’Oréal infallible fresh wear foundation or L’Oréal true match tinted serum or nyx born to glow,hope one of this is going to be a good foundation ❤️

  35. I have probably 30 foundations and I 100% get the most compliments when I wear my $5 wet n wild photo focus dewy foundation.

  36. Haha sometimes drugstore brands really do work wonders. I’ll give it a go

  37. I love it! Im considering going emerald/forest green; how it does it fade? Like, does it fade really quickly… fade to weird color of just kinda pastel? Im not super great and a sex/eight week schedule lol

  38. The juniper green fades very slowly its meant to be a dark and velvet color so it definitely lasts and it fades nice only dye I had that faded ugly was the poseidon which faded to a strange grayish/light blue color

  39. I anyways used to be scared of being weird and awkward in situations like this. But I finally realized it’s better to just be kind and genuine without expecting anything and people usually really appreciate it.

  40. I don't know but now I need that coat because it's totally my color lol

  41. All for the low low price of $2,800 😬

  42. Please please tell me how you decided on the height!?

  43. Started tall and kept cutting until it felt right. Lol. Then glued it all together. I was going for stability without leaning too much on it.

  44. Don’t some Burt’s Bees chapsticks have mint or some natural flavor/fragrance? Those would possibly be irritating or drying.

  45. True. Best to avoid any peppermint/spearmint etc or eucalyptus. Menthol especially is a big no no in lip balms.

  46. I’m in Australia so I’ll have to check out if it’s easily available or maybe order online, at the moment I’m using “Nivea - hydro care”. I will check out the link, thanks for you input!

  47. Okay, that’s a pretty decent chapstick so unless you’re reacting to the fragrance it’s probably not making your lips worse. Sounds like you need an occlusive (like others have mentioned…Vaseline/aquaphor) to go over a good moisturizing chapstick.

  48. Yep. I have this palette and it’s marvelous. Easy on the wallet too

  49. Not self confidence, that’s for sure.

  50. I second the Demi Whispies. I also like buying the individual lash clumps because my eyes are VERY hooded and it tends to look more natural than cutting a full strip in half.

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