1. It took me 10 games for my first win, and I had the most elims nearly every game

  2. This mode was always infuriating to play no matter how good you are. I had luck because i won my first match so im not playing again this garbage mode again.

  3. I like teleporting his turret to the enemy's backline

  4. I did that once and my torbjorn spent the rest of the match bonking me with his hammer

  5. I'm glad im not the only one who has experienced this haha

  6. She later told me she wanted to protect me with the wall, so all is forgiven

  7. Her entire kit was made for being evil

  8. She is like Lucifer, beautiful but inherently evil

  9. No, before that it was only required to complete the beach both weekly and daily

  10. No, last season had a weekly win. I remember because I couldn't for the life of me remember which roles I won in over the week.

  11. No you're mistaken season 1 was to win 10 games each role then season 2 it was to complete 3 games with each role now they go back to this stupid win 3 games with each role.

  12. Im too innocent to understand what this box is i think

  13. Again it is not just about balance. If it was just about balance the game would be 5 Soldier 76s. That would be the only way to make a perfectly balanced game. It is about game integrity. Mercy is frustrating to play against in part because of her fundamental design as a pocket character and in part because of her insane mobility.

  14. So you are suggesting that mercy keeps on a garbage state because you don't like the hero ? Balance is the central point of this game everyone complained at blizzard when doomfist or sombra was nerfed to the ground even ir you don't like the hero (like me i hate hammond) i have to aknowledge that they need to be balanced.

  15. Not at all. I am suggesting she has a fundamental problem with her design. It is easier to nerf them until the find a better solution than it is to rework them. Mercy probably never will be. She has been struggling with this since her creation. Dipping between sucking and being a monster over and over. It sucks. And she plays worse now and she shouldn't be. But she shouldn't be frustrating to play against either.

  16. I think we'll have to agree to disagree i've never seen the community complain about her movement they complained about ress damage boost and even both things that mercy mains were willingly to change but instead they nerfed the only fun part about her and didn't fixed the actual issue people compained i was really excited when i heard that the devs were going to modify her (i hope they were going to modify ress since its an ability that i can only use 4 times in a match) but the only thing they did was making a hero that is considered boring for a lot of people even more boring.

  17. She is struggling ever since overwatch 2 came out since she doesnt have a good escape ability like other supports. And blizzard knowijg that decided to nerf her nade again

  18. Ana's one of those heroes that performs very well in high ranks and not very well in low ranks. She does have the best cc in the game, but it's a skill shot so if you can't hit it or frequently waste it, you're right she doesn't have an escape ability. Compared to other supports, she is much higher skill based. She can do a fuck ton of damage and healing with good positioning and aim, but this combo of skills is rare below diamond. Her nade is also insane due to the lack of shields, only countered by kiriko's suzu, and even then, kirkos suzu is a longer cd than nade so that's typically a good trade. You can't really buff her without her becoming broken in higher ranks

  19. you're right. Im not saying that she should have an escape ability or that blizzard needs to buff her she is in my opinion very balanced even in high ranks, where she is more frequently used, but i still don't get why they nerfed her nade on this patch. For me they changed for the sake of change

  20. "do I have to worry" lmao What are they gonna do? Bust down your door demanding $2?

  21. It did !!! thank you i was about to declare myself bankrupt

  22. Dying as a support because you’re the last one standing since your teammates don’t know how to position properly or get out in time.

  23. As a mercy main i find myself in this situation very often. After that one teammate complains about the heals

  24. Both are terrible for the game i hate junks bombs and being hooked and dragged down across the map

  25. Honestly leave while you can the game is garbage right now

  26. Push is played completely different than any other mode. It is mainly based on momentum and how consistent you are as a player. If you're teams are even you'll have alot more fight that I've seen so more chances to win or lose.It has a lot more to do with mind games than actual gameplay imo.

  27. The problem is that the mode needs at least adjustements to keep fair for players . Like making the marker go back to the center of maps if the teams are not consteting or pushing and making more viable for the teams to get aholdnof the robot if they lost a fight.

  28. I actually enjoy push. What is it that you don't like? I'm jw because a lot of people seem to hate it.

  29. The game is very one sided if one team 1 managed to push lets say 100 meters the team 2 has to push 200 meters while the team 1 has spawn advantage and the robot will move faster for them to get back to where they were.

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