I've created a chrome extension and an API for youtube dislike stats

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  1. Hast du in Bewerbungsgepräch für deine Tätigkeit in cybersecurity erwähnt, dass du vorher software cracker warst? kannst du mit deinen Kollegen über deine software cracking skills und hobbies einfach reden oder kann man das nicht einfach mitteilen weil es eine illegale tätigkeit war.

  2. Hmmm. We could convert EVERY building-related data into minecraft.

  3. I remember there was a tool called mcedit that can import .obj 3d models to your Minecraft world

  4. Good to see you back. I've been using it for couple years already it's really good and thanks for all the effort you put in it.

  5. fiddler and httptoolkit are the easiest to use and both do tls

  6. I never cried in naruto before but some scenes just gave me the feels

  7. some apps have a security score of 8 or 9 but actually deserve like a 3 when you take a closer look

  8. If you really want to learn the language properly and not waste Motivation and your time sign up for an intensive language course at any school near you. It's about 200 hours and 2 month per level. When you're there take every chance you get to do homework and talk to your teacher and ask as much questions as you can. And in 8 months you should be at c1 level if you actually take the courses seriously. And try your best not to talk in English or dutch when you're in germany and you'll notice the improvement eventually

  9. Germany has become the country foreigners in the 90s thought the USA was

  10. i wanted to rewrite my tool in c or rust and was looking for examples and your code was one of the best i've seen

  11. Thank you for sharing the details of your setup, I am very glad you are enjoying my tool!

  12. i starred and followed your github already. i'm keeping an eye on it and hoping to contribute something to it once i know the language good enough

  13. Wouldn't the surge of api requests on azure be too expensive for you?

  14. Can you guys help me make the my request become async so that it jumps to the next iteration while writing the response to a file from the former request. is it a must that i use aiohttp or can i still make urllib requests go async. most of the tutorials i find use print statements as an example. i just need a similar example to my case or any hint.

  15. thank you so much it's pretty much what i wanted.

  16. That moment when your router shows up on netsec.

  17. How’d that dude get such a hot wife? That’s the real question we should be asking here.

  18. I miss the time when the only theory in naruto was how similar he is with 4th hokage, he might be his son 😄.

  19. I remember the time everyone thinking Naruto and Sakura will join aktasuke with sasuke. It made some crazy fan arts

  20. Same, don't remember seeing that since the cooler movie.

  21. I'm perfectly fine with that, that's honestly what I'm looking for. But I'm wondering what laptops have a good keyboard for typing on while also running well with Linux. I did some more digging and the answer I usually come across is ThinkPads but I'm unsure which would be a good model to go for.

  22. Is there any tool that automatically extract all api endpoints from apks?

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