I've created a chrome extension and an API for youtube dislike stats

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  1. I would recommend strength training to go along with the flexibility training. You probably have imbalanced muscle strength that is causing the misalignment.

  2. Man, you are doing important work there. I have installed the extension to support.

  3. It's like that except in "communist" countries the power truly belongs to the employees.

  4. Once hit 87 days in march but had a devastating injury that cost all my will power. Gonna go again. July 16 will be my day one. I will win.

  5. Update your badge.And get serios on this or stop

  6. im in, don't know if I can hold long enough but I would surely try

  7. Doesn't happen too much but every once in a while I'll just randomly die and it will say "Killed in Action" I'm not fired at, not hit, no explosions or anything. I just sort of keel over and die. I suspect it's some sort of debris or something that is invisible on my screen but it's super annoying. Usually if it happens once, it happens a few more times in that match too. I'm playing on XB1 btw.

  8. im on pc,and I was once on a 40+ kill streak being the highest. As I was hiding behind a house repairing my tank randomly exploded and I was KIA...

  9. i don't get why they added an annoying circle to lmg crosshairs

  10. I have yet to come across that and I've played a ton of operation matches

  11. Join an operation on iron wall now and u will see

  12. I have yet to come across that and I've played a ton of operation matches.

  13. whatever man I'm just here to express my own opinion lol

  14. Not necessarily powerful but usable and unique is all I ask for

  15. I just hope that they balance out the fking operation mode and that will be it! Dice please!

  16. Man, 2016 has been a weird year. I don't think anyone would have guessed that Donald Trump of all people would be the US president.

  17. The world has sure gotten comfy in Canada's house.

  18. Upstairs will surely be light up like Christmas if downstairs neighbors try funny stuff

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