1. Hey! I may be a bit late to this but how to you run the core on switch?

  2. Paragon on MacOS doesn't even support BTRFS.

  3. Lol. This was a terrible idea all around. I just ditched MacOS altogether.

  4. amazing, but how do i use this?, sorry but i dont know much about linux.

  5. You'll need to make sure your linux machine has the `mediainfo` and `ffmpeg` dependencies.

  6. Good title. Unfortunately, the article misses the mark by a mile. Obviously, mining was centralized in the beginning. Bitcoin's lack of anonymity is disastrous for Bitcoin for many other reasons that the authors seem to be unaware of.

  7. How about stop forcing all browsers to be Safari on iOS first, yeah?

  8. Another shitty post criticizing Bitcoin. Why not be concentrated on Monero and its strengthes?

  9. Can I buy in now at $40 and sell my shit to Elon for $54?

  10. I'd be careful. You will likely be unable to sell once the deal goes through because there will be a mass selloff, everyone will be trying to get some quick profits from this deal. Then the price will probably go lower than $40 and you will have lost money unless you're going to hold the stock.

  11. Of course the libertarian doesnt know how this works.

  12. While big tech might be getting ready to tighten their belts, the vast majority of software devs don't work for big tech. There are still a ton of jobs out there, and not enough devs to fill them. That means that we can afford to be picky -- at least for now.

  13. Do you already have all those parts and are looking for a case to fit them in, plus the 4x 3.5" drives? The

  14. Not too worried about budget, like to keep the build (not including the HDDs) to around 800-1000 USD. That Sliger SM570 looks super nice.

  15. Now that's an efficient design! What kind of mobo+cpu cooler would you recommend for this?

  16. I'd have to go with cross-browser compatibility, and especially iOS Safari.

  17. In one particular sense, it might not be so bad.

  18. Not to mention that Mobile Safari has a much larger user share than IE.

  19. Just tell your wife you watch porn. It will be a lot better than my scenario, when I got caught watching it.

  20. meanwhile in russia few days ago was accepted law that give government take taxes officially from crypto(at 1st step), for final accept need few else talks in government

  21. I have no idea why, but whenever I start up my machine, Dolphin opens up with two tabs with two folders open. I have closed them and changed the folder to my home folder so many times, but it never sticks...

  22. Go to Settings > Configure Dolphin > Startup and you can set it to open a single folder instead. Though for some reason the "Folders, tabs, and windows state from last time" for me keeps opening the same tabs I've already closed multiple times.

  23. Yes, I think the "Folders, tabs, and windows state from last time" option is buggy

  24. I have always been a bash guy but I'm trying out zsh with oh-my-zsh. Not sure if it's the new machine but shit seems faster

  25. That's like saying that code with if statements is an anti-pattern

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