1. there are examples of (good) games that took Epic's money and release after a year on Steam and took players' money as well.

  2. I mean... me and my friends spend at least $60 a year on Steam, at least, since I can spend up to $100. And we are from a third world country.

  3. Seems too much tbh even for a 1st world country. Which country are you from?

  4. Its not that much, $60 is the base price of a AAA game, like Elden Ring, which I bought the same day it was released, that year I also bought Dying Light 2 Deluxe Edition same day it was released, and some indie games, like Cult of the Lamb, Lost in Play, Stray, V rising, Necro Smith, Frogun, and much more. So, 2022 was at least $200, probably more.

  5. I don't think mexico is considered 3rd world, although the term is a bit ambiguous. Not 1st world either as well. Don't you have regional pricing?

  6. Its till mid april the shipment. Ebay doesnt let me click it till then.

  7. I was actually referring to reporting it on PayPal, not eBay. No point in waiting for April since it’s a scam. The scammer is just making you wait until April by setting a bs delivery date and by that time, they could be an unregistered eBay user. Better to go to PayPal and say, item not as described, the digital good is not valid. Use the reason: “The item is unusable in its received state and was not disclosed as such.” as per:

  8. Long story short I bought a digital good on Ebay and it was not valid. Got ripped of my money and seller doesn't respond. Item is not eligible for refund and the only option is to wait till mid April to try to get a refund for not receiving the item.

  9. kingdom come deliverance is dope

  10. Hi. Do you have the newest Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes bundles, please?

  11. I think yes. Didnt reply to your pm cause I was suspended at that time. Will check in few hours cause I am away from home.

  12. As someone who has sampled quite a few of these, I am really enjoying the current state of Fortnite zero build. Overwatch 2 is decent But I wouldn’t pay a cent for the cosmetics, they are horribly overpriced. Hearthstone is still easily the best CCG game out there but good luck trying to build up decks F2P, if you’d like to play a card game that’s truly free, Legends of Runeterra is a far better option, IMO.

  13. yeah. I play a lot of Overwatch 1 and 2 but haven't spent a dime for cosmetics. I don't get why should I spend money for cosmetics, especially in a first person game. Default skins are fine and it really makes a difference since most people have other skins, lol.

  14. I'm curious: What games do you consider for having good sound design, voice acting, art direction, level design, animation, writing, or modeling? God of war is anything but mediocre in those categories. When it comes to production quality, very few games are as good as God of War.

  15. moving around is so linear and must be done in a specific way. You cannot jump. You cannot walk on rocks, You always have to take a specific path to go somewhere. There is an invisible wall around you making you feel that you are just watching some pictures of the woods since you cannot go there.

  16. Y1YHJ4 its quickplay i havent played comp in a bit so i aint got no replays

  17. you play better than a gold player. You peak from corners, have good tracking, melee squishes, ability usage and such. Seems you also have fps competitive experience from other games and also play this game a lot. If you keep up the good work, learning from

  18. Ill tell ya when i reach diamond, my only goal is to reach plat before the end of this season

  19. Ok, I will wait for it. Keep in mind higher ranks are exponentially harder and positioning should be you #1 priority, everything else comes after.

  20. No, because the devs have shady ties to the russian government and expicitly push pro tussian propoganda, especially during periods when Russia is roghtfully being criticized

  21. Actually fallout pretty much criticises the propaganda, because the game tells you it were all lies.

  22. why don't you start a job like this in real life?

  23. You take rdr2 set it In medieval Europe add some cool melee mechanics, rpg like squad building and romance options throw in a good skill system and were set for the best game ever. Or if I want to keep it simple mass effect but star trek and the combat doesn't stink

  24. Should be legal to pirate a product when this situation happen

  25. who cares. VPNs exist for a reason

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