1. Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi, probably one of the best modern filipino movies I've seen in a while. It reminded of 100 Tula para Kay Stella

  2. That's crazy cuz Clash of Clans matches someone to your level, so even if you're paying to get these resources and books your skill wouldn't compare to those who really grinded their way to the top.

  3. Matagal nang issue to. Parents are just that clueless. And it's not just in Roblox. Basta internet, matik unsafe for kids. Kahit YT kids may controversy noon.

  4. BrockHampton is from Texas? I thought they were from California or sum

  5. Ang sarap talagang maging middle class sa putanginang bansa na 'to!

  6. I blame all of this on Reagan, that bitch knew that this would happen

  7. Shit like Kidnapping shouldn't even be in your head when thinking about pranks 💀

  8. It's kaunti and the root word is unti. San mo nakuha yan? 😅

  9. I can’t believe you think this huge company doesn’t know that people say unalive instead of kill. If they were censoring the word kill, it would take 7 seconds to update their list of censored words to include unalive. This whole trend is just people being dumb and self censoring because other people self censor so they think that’s what you have to do

  10. They're not trying to censor the word Kill, they're trying to suppress it. They're trying to force creators to use another term for it just so it can be a better alternative to the current one. They have to keep up that Brand friendly image and pushing content that contain words such a Kill won't help push that image

  11. I can’t believe you really typed that all out without reading it and realizing how utterly stupid it sounds. How do you actually believe this?

  12. They're not stupid cause they're oblivious, they're just tolerant because of monetary gain. If they completely ban the shit like that then the money and traction they would get would be a massive loss to the company.

  13. Praying for those sa siudad, kami dito sa probinsiya may mga Puno Puno at sariwang hangin pa pero di na ata to magtatagal kasi may road widening sila dito malapit samin

  14. Almost all extended or uncensored (if there were some) songs on Kpop are useless, it adds no substance to the songs most of the time

  15. Remember when a high-ranking Japanese politician got flak for doing

  16. Was he or did news outlets see the thug memes and assumed he was?

  17. He shared racist memes and anti semitic ideas according to Yahoo

  18. My brother in Christ he was also a 21 year old person talking to kids on a Minecraft discord server. His ego got hurt so bad from one of the children their he tried to flex government docs

  19. I didn't know that, I thought they were trolling 😭

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