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  1. My channel's content revolves around software engineering, focusing more on the engineering rather than the code part. I have been posting videos about Neovim and I am now producing some content about linux, computer science and engineering. My goal is to make videos related to engineering(not necessarily educational) in a MrBeast + Veritasium + VSauce style so that more people with a small attention span can also learn.

  2. Suppose you want to distribute a document to every student in 4 classes. Each class has 50 students. What will you do? You will first enter class 1 and then hand over the document to each person sitting in that class. Then, you will enter class 2 and distribute the document to each person sitting in class 2 and so on.

  3. Self-taught programming is a hard path but also a fruitful one if you succeed because you learn way more than a CS degree would teach you. I taught myself how to program at first but then in about a year's time, I realized that the knowledge gained in a CS degree is really important so I studied the curricula of a general CS degree(i took MIT's curriculum as the baseline).

  4. I had never heard about this book or ever read it before I saw this post. After reading your post, I quickly glanced at the google books preview of the said book. IMO this book is a book aimed at people who know almost nothing about computers. So this might be a good book for you if you are a person who doesn't know much about computers and would like to know about the basic stuff.

  5. I would recommend you the three-part book series by Randall Hyde—"Write Great Code"

  6. Seems pretty easy to me, just clone the repository and change it in the code and after that, just compile it.

  7. Are you using hologram.nvim foir that png in alpha.nvim

  8. If you are talking about the application open on the left that looks like doom emacs to me not neovim. Emacs is a gui application and can support images among many other things.

  9. Ah. I did not quite notice that it was doom emacs.

  10. Emacs. OP prolly become the maintainer of an open-source project.

  11. When there's no vscode on the computer, or when it's behind a jumphost. Once saw a senior programmer install vscode on a jumphost to debug a production app. That didn't go well.

  12. Also, vscode is built upon electron which means its size is big af.

  13. My neovim config acts as a pretty full-fledged IDE. It has LSP, treesitter and loads of other stuff. You can check my

  14. I'm dead and I used tabs over spaces.

  15. "The world is written in C."

  16. Recommendation: treat these problems like opportunities to grow as an engineer.

  17. 139-second long motivational video saying the same message

  18. Sounds like my favourite programming language. PowerPoint.

  19. I have seen people create games in Microsoft PowerPoint.

  20. Hey, one month later I am back after writing and maintaining lots of assembly and C code and now I truly appreciate the developer experience of using Go.

  21. yeah it's all about the demo. Nothing else matters. Presentation skills are everything.

  22. Presentation skills are really required in the real world to get the investors and the money but if you can't deliver the product rip.

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