1. Brain scans have shown Trans people’s brain to be closer to that of their identified gender than to that of their biological sex.

  2. love how modern meme culture has turned one of the worst and largest dictatorships in history into "funny character that likes to share"

  3. The soviet union was not a dictatorship.

  4. Are you as racist as the average london blues fan?

  5. Lenin had the right ideas, but ultimately he turned russia directly from feudalism to communism, and even Marx said capitalism is necessary for communism.

  6. Companies pollute to sell consumers stuff. At the end of the day it’s people who are responsible for what they demand

  7. Companies lobby to make their products all but required in modern life and then tell consumers it's their fault

  8. You type this out on your computer like you only have one because of political lobbying…

  9. I'm talking about something like cars. Oil and auto companies lobby to make cities absolutely unwalkable and basically require you to get a car to do anything. If I had a choice, I wouldn't own a car.

  10. that would mean you ride your bike at ~8.5kmh. Why are you going so slow?

  11. if its a 2 hour walk with an average walking speed of 4.54kmh that’s a distance of 9.08km. You said with a bike that distance takes 1 hour so you are going 9.08kmh, which for a bike is slow. Source: math

  12. Fair point. The "1 hour bike ride" was a joke about how the problem is awful city design rather than mode of transport, but I didn't expect someone to go this far over a online argument.

  13. he got more than enough gold coins

  14. There's a lesson in here about counting chickens before they hatch

  15. City is currently top of the table

  16. You sure about that? Or do you just mean generally towards the top?

  17. My bad, I hadn’t checked the table in a while 😅 Just assumed Arsenal would bottle the league, but I was wrong!

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