1. Would be fun if you could do it without registering or logging in

  2. Because the coupons are tied to the account that unlocked them, it does require you to be logged in. I agree it would be nice though. Will see if there's something we can do for non-registered users.

  3. How do you have this desk pad already I still have it PO on drop

  4. These are just our sample units in the photo studio, not from the production run that you would have joined. Sorry about that, but they will be coming soon!

  5. The bottom is aluminum, the top piece is plastic that has the design printed on it.

  6. need color accent kits like CMYW and RGB to help fill the gap between DCX and GMK ecosystem. Currently the DCX sets are too barebone, minimal accents and nonexistent novelties

  7. Completely agree! I'm a CMYP fanatic myself - will also pass along your interest. :)

  8. We're very excited to bring this classic set to DCX profile! Preorders are open for

  9. Hot on the heels of the DCX BOGO sale last week, we've kicked off another MT3 BOGO sale for both base and ortho kits. Come

  10. ... Can we then have a mt3 BOGO sale? ๐Ÿ˜

  11. We kicked off our very first DCX BOGO sale earlier this week, and it is coming to a close this coming Sunday night. Come

  12. You did not hold back at all! Nice job, this setup looks amazing. :D

  13. We're excited to announce the latest revision of the Planck keyboard! Featuring more encoder knob positions (a total of 8 now) and hotswap switches, the Planck V7 kit is the perfect jumping off point if you've been on the fence about 40% boards.

  14. Yep! I don't have a timeline for it, but we are planning to add a straight option in addition to the coiled. Given the general lack of complexity I wouldn't expect it to take very long to implement though (more of a logistics/supply question at this point).

  15. We wanted to offer a line of coiled, premium cables that doesn't break the bank. These black and white cables are the first color options we're releasing in this new lineup.

  16. So glad to see these come to fruition! As a chemist myself I'm hopeful that we might run that one at some point in the future (need a matching desk mat for my notebook), but I still love these first three designs. :)

  17. That's a really interesting question - I've only ever seen rectangular desk mats in the mech keys world, but corner desks are a thing so it makes sense! Would you prefer that it includes a slanted wedge, or right angle on the inside (like an L)? If you have examples of what format/size you'd like to see, please share.

  18. Expected to be back in just a few weeks, with a bit of an update/refresh as well ๐Ÿ‘

  19. We agree. It is unacceptable and shouldn't happen. We apologize for it. Rest assured new, correct set will be shipped to you. You also don't have to wait for a month. DCX Hyperfuse is in stock and our warehouse is now fully operational. Please help to submit a support ticket so our team arrange the new shipment.

  20. Hey everyone! We're excited to announce that 9009 is coming to DCX profile! The set will launch next week, with the base kit and mac kit shown in the photos here.

  21. Aww thanks, Drop! :) I might be new to this hobby, but I was still a supporter of Massdrop back in the day. Glad things have come full circle.

  22. No, thank you! Iโ€™m always impressed by how helpful and resourceful the community is - nice job putting this together. :)

  23. That's a good post. Waiting for the Drop op to reward you, they're nice people

  24. Sega Genesis. Toe jam and Earl. It was all downhill from there.

  25. Recently played the second Toe Jam and Earl, and WOW does that game speak to me in so many ways.

  26. Another console I didn't grow up with but have massively enjoyed exploring the catalog of. Did you have any favorite games? PS, you are one of the early-comment DCX keycap set winners! (main raffle is still going to anyone confused by this - it's just a bonus side prize)

  27. Hey there, sorry youโ€™re experiencing an issue with your ALT keyboard. Have you submitted a support ticket for this?

  28. Merry Christmas to you, first commenter! ๐Ÿ™Œ You are today's lucky DCX keycap set winner! :) I'll hit you up in PMs for your info and selection!

  29. I am a bit confused. The original comment for the giveaway(s) doesn't say anything about needing to be first (except for the Edit). It says all we need to do is comment, and that two winners will be chosen at random, yet I keep seeing people winning for being first. Am I missing something?

  30. Sorry for any confusion - in addition to the daily giveaway (the one this whole post is about, for the keyboard + keycap set) I've been doing bonus freebies to the first commenter in each thread. First commenter gets a free DCX keycap set of their choice, totally independent of the daily giveaway. So you are still in the running for the giveaway prize - hope that clears it up!

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