1. White hair. You’re already almost there

  2. Tú ganas, Cevladé es mi favorito de todos los comentos

  3. Para mí Rosalia no canta rap, pero quizá te guste YSY A

  4. Idk man alcohol can make people really friendly and easy to talk to. I love it when people drink around me because of that.

  5. Is there a non-misogynistic interpretation of this? It’s certainly compelling and dynamic, but I’m not getting anything thematic out of it other than “women exist as base creatures of the flesh meant to tempt ‘people’”

  6. Boring man this stuff doesn’t make me laugh or giggle or nothing. Get a sense of humor

  7. If you don’t k ow it’s a joke, it’s funny

  8. Very 3D… looks like it’s popping out at me very nice

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