1. Beyond the comparisons between pet versus child, the bigger thing is that you chose to shut someone down for trying to be empathetic. The intent was possibly to identify with your mother’s hardship not to minimize it or say that pets are just as important as children.

  2. Pretty sure the Nathan Brazil books would be impossible to make, but I’d still watch it.

  3. I’ve died about 25 times, once he gets his hammer it’s over for me🥲

  4. Spectre for me, I mean what other Bond theme that WASN’T picked does anyone here know of?

  5. Man of War. The producers didn't want to use it because it it wasn't written specifically for the same film (Spectre), so Radiohead wrote and submitted the song Spectre next.

  6. Thanks, that’s an interesting fact. I feel like Radiohead trivia is a little hard to come by.

  7. Considering they’ve been on a 12 year hiatus, I wouldn’t miss them

  8. As he has stated many times, he doesn’t like to repeat himself. I’m sure whatever he decides to look like obsequious Tool fans will enjoy it.

  9. The first major mistake I made with this game was not getting into the habit of targeting my opponents. I played it like I was playing Skyrim. Once I did the game became much more fun and easier to get in to

  10. You have Mr. Bungle and Fantomas, do you listen to any other Mike Patton Projects?

  11. Did you try Mike Patton and The Dillinger Escape Plan EP? You may like it

  12. Maybe she did and I'm just too strong to die.

  13. Spoken like someone who’s been waiting their whole life to say that, congrats

  14. The dvd is just Tool’s first 5 videos (hush, sober, prison sex, stinkfist and Ænema) the cd are live tracks from different shows with 2 studio tracks (no quarter and lamc/Maynard’s dick) hope that helps

  15. I been awhile a fan tho. I had listened to all 5 albums and including the Opiate ep. Tool is simply amazing

  16. Not sure if you know this but, the album is ænima, the song is ænema. Once I realized this it made me in awe of how clever Tool is.

  17. I suggest you back up, wipe the phone and see if that works, but only if all else fails. Again only if nothing works

  18. Thank you for your help! Will do this if all else fails! :)

  19. I feel as though Blair probably had more to do with that, but I’m only speculating.

  20. Well, it might also be due to them touring five-legged dog and needing the second drummer to do Melvins-Big Business era songs.

  21. Nah come look at it closer it's a perfect match

  22. How so? The picture looks like an x-ray of an alien, the other are the bristled hair of a pig. I suggest you look at the photo of Adam’s pig on the back of the actual Undertow cover. However, if that’s what you see, who am I to argue?

  23. The head on the upper right with the eyes and open mouth, the three fingers but the middle one is faded

  24. Mangled demos from 1983, Big Business and The King Buzzo acoustic albums are what I suggest.

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