1. Im glad the other guys went and called on the bullshit this bitch was saying. She had no choice but to say "yeahhhh"

  2. Ay sanaol. Would be interested kung meron dito. lmao

  3. Reddit was not suppose to be a safe place. Keep in mind na there are more mean people here than good. There are more trolls here than Facebook. I kept reminding people that this place is not a place for circlejerks or yes men.

  4. Thats why we dont put long hair wigs on dogs anymore. Thanks fma

  5. Buglang may sumulpot na red flag sa pangatlong statement

  6. I know you can store guns in it for the next levels which i dont find very useful. I hope some can shed some light on its purpose.

  7. Im so glad majority of us dont give a shit about a strand

  8. But i have faught and killed him but i dodnt get the light

  9. You probably disabled too much pick ups in the storage. You will need to activate some

  10. No this run was a pure run i havent disabled anything in a long wile. I even went all the way to corrupt zuse on this run. I had soooo many pickups that the game was lagging by the time i faught him once

  11. There has to be a method. Havent met chronos as i dont have the dlc

  12. Lets just blow up earth. Shit timeline. Villains win.

  13. Protip: nowadays. The majority consensus of pinoys classify TG as "kabit app". This also surprised me. I havent used TG ever since.

  14. Intimate verbally. But we know its all for goods and laughs. Pero physicaly we aint doing that shit bro.

  15. verbally like "labyu pre" sabay duwal? hahaha

  16. Look for studiofow website. Their animations are free. This is one of them. You guys are welcome.

  17. I feel you. Thats society. Bawi nalang tayo sa personality at sense of humor.

  18. I think, bawing bawi naman ako sa personality. 😅

  19. un nga eh. kaso wala padin diba. Carry on lang OP. Makakahanap din tayo lmao.

  20. Nagiging diluted na talaga tong sub na to. This doesnt belong here. Karma farming nanaman from facebook

  21. I thought this post is trolling or satire. Holy crap seryoso sila. Hahaha.

  22. What you saw on that clip is pretty much the video. There are no full vids or other clips. That streamer got banned after that but got unbanned for 3 days or a week after. Classic twitch simping.

  23. You getting old and you having an old fashion sense is different. Accept the fashion term. Dont like it? Change it.

  24. wala sa pananamit mo yan. nasa utak yan ng manyak. tsk tsk. dapat kino call out yang mga yan or talagang para makaiwas, magipon para sa sariling kotse. I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience.

  25. Indeed. Also seen stories where students or women wore decent clothes but still a victim. Its in the mindset tlga netong mga manyakis unfortunately

  26. Anime has a title like Agent Aika or something. Its a classic ecchi anime. One of the good ones.

  27. Thise black blobs are overpowered. You cant even outrun them.

  28. If you watch the episode. Theres a scene where Nick(the guy on the vid) riddled a group of goblins with more than the animation of curran(the girl on the vid)

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