1. Complaining is how the devs know what needs a little fixing

  2. most of the time the criticism at best is usually "its bad" with no reason

  3. true, but if you think something is trash and should be changed could def give a reason for why. doesn't have to anything deep.

  4. This is how it is already. Miles is noticeably weaker than peter in MM

  5. Venom Strike will help significantly, we dont know the full extent of the powers in this game but in the comics it destroys symbiotes

  6. That doesn't mean the fight has to be completely one sided, Miles got more powerful as well and his powers have a good matchup against the symbiote. The symbiote also makes Peter reckless which can be used against him contrary to his regular form where he is more level headed.

  7. Miles also has electricity at the tip of his fingers which is a huge advantage he has

  8. I feel the same. I’m happy with what was shown but I was expecting a bigger graphics and swinging animations/physics upgrade

  9. graphics may look better once its off that youtube quality

  10. I would find it so insulting if a player took pity on me and didn’t batflip just cause I was a rookie

  11. Honestly way worse ways to go out then getting batflipped by the best player in the league

  12. Its still disrespectful. He’s not even at 90 overall and he’s perhaps the best player in baseball (biased obv).

  13. There is a reason why Okudah was traded away for a 5th rounder dude and he was benched last few games.

  14. YEa by signing two dline men in their 30s past their prime.

  15. Well considering Bijan was prob the most pursued non QB offensive player in the draft I'm not surprised the falcons pick them, it fits their scheme and the eagles were likely gonna pick him if we didnt

  16. Great to see he rocks Braves gear. Honestly, his not being a Falcon might have been a bigger shakeup to Atlanta sports than Freddie or Dansby leaving. Maybe only rivaled by Josef Martinez leaving United.

  17. Dude essentially an ATL lifer he be showing up at any ATL games

  18. Would've rather seen Minter give him a hard to hit pitch then a pitch that was easily telegraphed

  19. I'd rather have ugly, personally. At least that wouldn't be boring.

  20. yeah i agree at least some of the ugly ones thought outside the box

  21. There is so much cool things they did and essentially made a worse retro jersey of the Hank Aaron era wth. Much rather had something that was outside the box or a reimagining of a retro jersey we already didn't use not that long ago.

  22. People are mad because the refs are again seemingly deciding a game. I'm a Lions fan and have seen tons of bs calls. I just wanted to watch a good game without having to talk about the refs. We got that for 58 minutes. Now that call will be the most remembered thing about this Superbowl.

  23. No it wont 5 years from now it'll be remembered as another Super Bowl mahomes won to extend his legacy, also deciding games? are they not supposed to do their jobs? seems like most of yall are more mad about the situation then it being a hold

  24. I can guarantee you this will be remembered for the call lol. Just like patriots seahawks superbowl is remembered for the goal line interception. That was a soft holding call in a meaningless regular season game. Totally out of line to call it there especially as the ball was 100% uncatchable. Chiefs probably would have won but the refs ended the game. Nothing wrong with admitting that. Congrats to the chiefs on a great season though

  25. The pats seahawks game was remembered for that because of how good of a play it was and how bad it was at the same time. It was absolutely a hold people are mad about when it happened more than anything.

  26. Mahomes literally touched out of bounds before the hit

  27. We have Allstar caliber talent at catcher (x2), 1B, 2B, 3B, CF, RF, and the first 3 spots of our rotation. But every time someone makes a big signing you guys are on here acting like we’re the fucking Rockies or A’s.

  28. This is especially true on twitter, we have a top payroll in the league yet mfers think we are the pirates

  29. Steve Cohen musta really taken that 10.5 game lead thing seriously because he is pouting so hard right now

  30. Funny thing is with all these moves mets made they are barely better than us in terms of fwar lol. And if Acuna goes back to 2021 form and everyone else plays to their regular numbers we would still arguably be better

  31. I would just like to say even tho we made minimal moves this off season we still are top 5 in fwar and was at the top before the mets got correa lmao

  32. Yeah but they were so far from winning the division, hell they were fighting to give that 3rd slot to Milwaukee.

  33. also remember how they got Castellanos and kyle and they looked like ass in the beginning of the season?

  34. I call them the worst team money can buy. But I guess we will see. They still didn’t fix their problems.

  35. considering their payroll is one of the top in the league and they were barely wild card you're def right

  36. This is such a good point and why it is sooo hard for me to choose between the two. I would have gone w/ MHII if I had to choose, but the difference between the two is microscopic. a shared RotY would have been my preference, honestly.

  37. Honestly should've been the move, especially since they are on the same team.

  38. They have no room to speak after that RTP call in 2018 AFCG

  39. Titans avoided the "Go ahead by 10 against Mahomes" trap and it nearly worked.

  40. They played an unprecedented amount of physicality and people were seething when flags were thrown lol

  41. Jfc the titans secondary is murdering kelce physically.

  42. He still has a 100 yard + game.

  43. Fuck the Phillies. I can’t say I like the Astros but I’m so happy for Dusty Baker. He wasn’t a part of the cheating.

  44. When I look for hilarious amounts of copium I always go on MLB twitter when Astros win

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