1. Because very few companies use Rust for back end.

  2. Many companies use Rust for their back ends, and many of them are (or at least were as of 6mo ago) hiring.

  3. How can I find these companies then?

  4. Watch for blog posts talking about using Rust. They are posted to

  5. What is DBAL? Why do you need dependency injection and how do you use it? What is the singleton pattern in this context and why should all web frameworks support it?

  6. Mio (and Tokio) avoids using IOCP not because it is "different", but because it has a major flaw when using it for scalable networking applications in a way that io_uring is not. When you submit an async read operation, you need to give it a buffer up front to read the data. If you have 100k open sockets that are mostly idle, that means you have to pre-allocate 100k buffers that mostly go unused.

  7. In addition to the syntax being far too bitter a pill to swallow, I think this adds too much cognitive load for too little gain (and there's much more load ahead as details are worked out). Users reading and writing code are already too close (or often way beyond) their cognitive limits to add another degree of polymorphism.

  8. Thanks for a well thought-out response. You have put into words my exact thoughts as well. At this point, Rust needs to carefully consider learning and cognitive load. I know +1 comments aren't high value, but +1.

  9. Anyone know if its part of Turbo Tax for 2022 taxes? My friend who is a former CPA didn't know about these & got the penalty letter....

  10. I would be surprised if it were part of TurboTax. It needs to be filed separately through their portal.

  11. I don't even have an account or an account ID to sign up, does that mean they don't know I exist?

  12. They may or may not know. I did not get any notices related to the new tax until I paid it the first time (very late).

  13. As a guy with a bit of Orleans experience, I'd suggest you stick with it. There's nothing quite like it.

  14. Would you mind elaborating ab it about what makes it special?

  15. Just looking at the ticker does not capture the full picture. Look at distributions here:

  16. It’s still crazy to me that California has been begging people not to run their air conditioners or risk overloading the power grid while simultaneously encouraging people to switch to the most electricity thirsty appliance they could ever own. Charging an electric car is equal to four running air conditioners.

  17. EVs charge off peak. If anything, EVs can store electricity off peak and then be used as batteries during peak hours.

  18. There is a long standing issue where the main task paired with the multi threaded scheduler is slower. This is because the multi threaded scheduler runs epoll on a runtime thread and the main task runs off the runtime. The fix is to wrap your code with a spawn.

  19. Though that probably doesn’t account for what you are seeing. It would only slow things down at most 20%

  20. Did you run this with --release? I'm seeing lots of stuff in the flame graph that should have been removed by the optimizer.

  21. For comparison, here is a flamegraph of a Tokio app that was compiled with --release. A lot of entries are gone:

  22. Is it normal to see std::panic::catch_unwind in the stack like that? It's about three frames in (frame from the bottom) and again at sixteen frames in.

  23. I commented elsewhere, but my guess is this was not compiled with --release

  24. What is a workflow engine? What kind of stuff do you want to use Rust to do that needs a workflow engine? I am not super familiar with the space.

  25. Modeling and executing asynchronous business processes among distributed systems (retries, user interface for maximum transparency etc.).

  26. Can you give a specific example (I am curious). Also, I don't think there is one for Rust yet, but I heard Temporal (temporal.io) is rewriting the core client in Rust (if I remember correctly), so they might eventually.

  27. Not only aws. I have had discussions with devs across 10+ orgs. The key thing to remember about the “most loved” metric is it requires passing the learning curve, which is Rust’s biggest challenge.

  28. I really want to know on this. I am starting out programming for the first time, and I chose to learn Rust, as I have a few dev friends who recommended it. (a few specifically in cyber security.)

  29. Interestingly enough, the learning curve is more for experienced programmers than new ones. A lot of Rust’s learning curve is learning to NOT do things like one would with other languages. When learning Rust as your first language you don’t have that issue.

  30. Many open source projects have a key-person risk. Since you brought up Axum, I recommend you look at

  31. If David moves on, Axum will still be maintained by other contributors, including me. We also have funds to pay for maintenance as well.

  32. Is it possible to get access to the “task local” task-metrics and sub-task-metrics? e.g. Rather than printing the metrics every 500ms, I have some instrumented task that takes a request, makes 10 instrumented concurrent async request/responses, then print out all the metrics of the task even before the task has finished? It can be really useful for adding response times in the API output.

  33. If I understand correctly, I believe it should be possible. You create one TaskMonitor for the request, then grab the metrics when the request completes. The 500ms interval was just an example.

  34. Could you post some example output?

  35. The output is whatever you make it. This is just the instrumentation side, it does not report anywhere. You could write to STDOUT, to Prometheus, or AWS CloudWatch.

  36. its much simpler and mirrors the standard library, so i find it much easier to use without digging through docs all the time.

  37. What would be your 2 or 3 top examples of Tokio APIs that are more complicated / don't mirror the standard library?

  38. Tokio exposes an API modelled after previous versions of Tokio, while async-std exposes an API modelled after std.

  39. This is false. Tokio did not stabilize until after async/await landed. We also completely changed the api to line up with async/await. We also always tried to match std patterns since the beginning, when it makes sense. This was obviously hard in the 0.1 days but in 1.0 we match as possible.

  40. But doesn't Tokio lack support for WASM targets?

  41. This is the Tokio CI job that tests using wasm:

  42. heck or even that you can find. N95 are sold out around here again(which over all is probably a goodish thing), so some people have to use the paper/surgical masks even if they can afford better

  43. This place ships next day. I got 100n95s from them earlier on the week:

  44. Where is everyone buying their N95 masks? I have a doc app Friday morning and I’d like one for that. I’m also looking for good masks for my 2 year old son.

  45. I don't know about pickup, but I order from sureway (

  46. I do this, found via yelp. I get meals delivered weekly for about $26 / portion.

  47. A full dinner portion. Like a good size entree at a restaurant. E. G. Last night it was enchiladas, rice, fried beans, guacamole. Since we have 4 people it is about $100/meal for all.

  48. I don't get it either. It's the worst leafy vegetable ever! Tough and tasteless, and only good for displaying an array of deviled eggs on a platter.

  49. What’s the expected impact of the tracing crate in the runtime performance? Does it work with release builds? Is it intended to monitore production or is it for development only?

  50. tracing itself is intended to be very low overhead and used in production. Tracing also has the ability to enable / disable log levels at runtime, so it should be possible to connect to a process in production w/ Tokio Console and enable additional instrumentation during the debugging session.

  51. Does the console prevent the logs to be aggregated by another subscriber when is running ?

  52. Shouldn’t. The tracing crate can fan out logs to multiple subscribers

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