1. OP- please research the timing of neutering if you choose to do so.

  2. We are definitely planning to do it. I'm just a kid and my parents said he's been put on a waiting list for some reason.

  3. That plush is so adorable (and so is the dog ofc 🥺)

  4. That's the name?! I haven't seen this yellow thing in ages either (probably since like Year 3/4 - I'm in Year 11 now) and couldn't remember the name, but my Ma found this in the garage and just gave it to me like last year.

  5. They opened one up in Phoenix, AZ several years back...that line was crazy

  6. Same in London, but it sucked. Didn’t really taste like the Jollibee back in Philippines. That just hits different. Even better when you’re with family you haven’t seen in years or at all and you just bond over Chickenjoy.


  8. Can you imagine her struggle? Her character is an allegory for the problems women in this society face every day, represented masterfully by her big fat knockers. Knocking her out.

  9. It looks like you're using the brush tool to "paint" blue water onto the land. What you want is to use the mask tool and click the Subtract option to remove land in the desired shape. Before that though I would figure out where you want your rivers, and then modify the coastline accordingly.

  10. Great, thank you so much. I’ll look at real life examples too.

  11. I am not sure I understand what you mean by cracks in the land. Could you elaborate or post an image of something you are attempting to replicate? Aside from that there are some stamps good for landscaping, like the cliff stamps.

  12. Sure! So if you look at countries like Russia, you will see that there are 'cracks' where the water flows into the land, forming rivers and such. Here is an

  13. PSA: short legged cat are disabled cats, associations are trying to make the breeding banned as its blatant animal cruelty.

  14. Yeah, I heard that something was wrong with their ears but can’t quite remember how it was wrong.

  15. This seems like something a capybara would do on Tiktok 🤨 Are you… a capybara, OP?

  16. Suzy is my favourite as well as Andrew. I watched all of it. Have you?

  17. Sucy is hilarious, yeah. If I had to pick one absolute favourite character it would probably be Croix, though. I love her and Ursula's lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers arc

  18. Much better! I don’t know if this is supposed to be simple and direct like a script. If not, I suggest reading articles on how to describe things properly, like what Isaac feels before he falls unconscious. Instead of saying that the old man agrees, why not add some dialogue?

  19. My dog does that with his dentastix. What breed is yours? Very cute.

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