1. Way rather have Vegas take it over Florida.

  2. Maybe some years from now we'll be hearing about hundreds, thousands in space and we'll remember about that time when we read of a record 17 people in orbit.

  3. Yep. Did wind, water, then spirit.

  4. I’ll never forget the clip of the teenager talking mad shit in the 95th minute only to be a sad boi ultra in a matter of seconds. I love this moment.

  5. https://twitter.com/TheZidar/status/1564030261960101890?t=oMCm00DRoZrofsyTAJgHHQ&s=07

  6. Was wondering the same thing, where big batteries hidden lol

  7. It can also be installed on Switches with CFW installed. Been playing mine on the switch hardware personally

  8. I got my digital version 3 days ago

  9. Been playing since last Tuesday. Nice slow and steady couple hours a night. Been real fun so far

  10. Thanks. I‘ve been having a bit of a rough time lately. It’s given me a little bit of joy that was much needed.

  11. Been paying mine for the last week. It's been a real joy

  12. Maybe you need to hit the button twice. It knows the door is shut, so the connection seems to be there . They changed the app about a month ago and it then required me to hit the button twice to open/close.

  13. I do feel bad using the ADA stalls. I’d much prefer them by the sinks/trash can.

  14. I'd also rather them not be in the stall as being a men's room it's probably the only toilet and someone is probably shitting in it

  15. I replaced mine with the pixel 7 pro. Still really miss my one plus 7 pro

  16. Just did the same this week. Only thing I miss is the pop up front cam and the volume slider switch.

  17. Monica is in the wrong 💯 with how she acted but I feel like there's more we're not seeing. Like he must have been wandering around the store with the items after purchasing. Else how did Victoria check him out and then get to the toilet?

  18. I love that it takes the typical “power of friendship” cliche and just goes “Nah, destroy each other.”

  19. Best review of it I heard was, "It's a fighting anime disguised as a soccer anime."

  20. Good idea, but a explanatory column on the left would be helpful bc.if you're a new soccer fan, you don't know any of them.

  21. Truly. Most Americans (Not just USA) probably couldn't tell you the difference between the Gold Cup and Nations League.

  22. New era of CBJ incoming 🤞. Gaudreau, one of the top picks in a stacked draft, new hopefully competitive coach. Jarmo and Davidson have a real chance to turn this club around this summer

  23. I just want an android app, man. I fucking hate using this thing through my browser on my phone. Its sooo awkward...

  24. Which shouldn't be too hard as they have had an Android TV app for like a year now

  25. 1 point is better than 2 I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  26. Was think possibly Sauropus androgynus.

  27. So a satellite radio DJ, who promotes the biggest fan clubs in MLS, with probably the biggest market share on satellite subscriptions?

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