1. I’m pregnant with my 2nd too, with a 2 year old. I just had to change the time I do it, and start doing it in the evening. It’s the only time I have available to go to the gym. You can adjust!

  2. This happened to me a few months back. Fortunately it was not an $80 item, but I was able to chat with customer service and they refunded me what I was missing, probably because it was a sale item that was like $20. One time I ordered a sweater from Banana Republic, and I received it, and then a few days later they sent me the exact same sweater, again. So I had two identical sweaters.

  3. So happy to see Big Brutus in here! That’s my hometown area and Big Brutus was a big deal growing up.

  4. Thank you! I will have to check out that book, last pregnancy I didn’t pay much attention to nutrition or fitness and I regret it now.

  5. Same thing happened to me. I thought it was just me who thought they looked different than on the website. I’ll keep it just because it was so cheap, but it’s disappointing to get something other than what I was expecting.

  6. I didn’t just because talking to Athleta customer service is frustrating and after the discounts I used I paid almost nothing for it.

  7. I can only answer 1, we had a set delivered last weekend. They will install the new ones and take away the old ones. We had the old ones sitting outside to make it easier. My husband also paid them $20 to take our old stove we needed to get rid of.

  8. Oh my God, my husband is so bad about this. We all have the same cold but he is “too sick to work, can’t stay awake, can’t eat, in so much pain from coughing, and has never been this sick in my life” despite the fact that he said the same thing three weeks ago when we all had a cold. Then I’m the one doing everything and he says “I just don’t see how you have a cold if you’re able to work, cook, and clean” well SOMEBODY has to do it, it doesn’t matter if I’m sick or not, the kid needs to eat and bathe.

  9. Oh for sure. I really like the lazurite blue and emerald green they have been putting out lately. I also like coffee berry. I wish they would have more things in purples, though. Or at least don’t call purple things some other color (looking at you, dark Adonis blue.)

  10. At my local store I see a mix of employees, some very thin, some bigger, size 16 or so. So no, I don’t necessarily think so. A lot of stores (not just Lulu) don’t keep a lot of plus sizes in stock because they don’t sell as fast.

  11. I think it’s just a promo off sale. They’re doing away with all of the 20% off sales off full price. I’m happy! It’s cheapening the brand. (Employee here)

  12. As a shopper, I agree. I think Athleta could make a lot more money if they converted some Lulu shoppers, and they realized how much better it is, and part of that is keeping it a “premium” brand.

  13. That’s happened to me, if you talk to customer service they will send you a pdf of yours.

  14. We use Affordable Family Storage on 31st & Meridian. It’s climate controlled storage, and it’s pin access only, so only somebody who has a pin has access to the units. Also has cameras.

  15. I have a similar coloring as you, and as for black I would say definitely don’t do it. I did it years ago and I hated it, I looked very washed out, and the only way to fix it was several rounds of bleach, which destroyed my hair. I have done dark brown, and I think if you did that, it would scratch the itch of wanting black hair. It really does look black. Even dark brown though, was too dark for me, and am pretty happy with medium brown now.

  16. This is correct, if you find them in dark please try them! I am 100% a milk chocolate person, but these are amazing with dark.

  17. I wear bras from LLL or Athleta every day as regular bras. I used to avoid sports bras because I though they would give me uniboob, but it turned out to not really be an issue.

  18. I had this in my apartment years ago, and the maintenance guy threw a fit and refused to enter because of it. Even when I explained it’s a joke. My Shiba was literally cowering in her bed the whole time.

  19. My daughter’s name is on the list. I hate that it’s so common, but I’m a huge Brontë fan and always wanted to name my kids after writers I enjoy.

  20. https://siggis.com/product/keto-krunch-multipack-maple-vanilla

  21. Keto has always grossed me out. My first thought when seeing this video was about keto diets and how much I hate them lol. I prefer a mix of carbs, fats, veggies and proteins.

  22. I eat a keto diet because it has worked for me but yeah, it’s gross. Eating avocados and eggs, greasy bacon, etc. really starts to gross me out. And I can’t complain because everyone else on the keto sub here goes on about how those are the best tasting foods, and you can’t criticize anything about the diet or everyone jumps on you. Someone the other day was even talking about putting a baby on keto.

  23. Can’t help you on the Cabo but I have the Retreat and I like them, I think they fit well. I just ordered a second pair in another color.

  24. I just placed an order and tried SALE20. It worked!!! Woohoo. Try it again. It might work for you.

  25. You want an alternative to Amazon for books? Try an app/site called ThriftBooks. Super cheap. Mostly preowned books, but they are still in good shape. Almost all the books I have ordered from them barely looked touched.

  26. I typically make a keto meal for myself, which my husband also eats and I serve to my two year old, but I will add something to hers, pasta, fruit, potato, etc. I just don’t think kids that young should be subjected to 100% keto.

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