1. Don't you know the date it was recorded? It was firstplayed in 2016 but wasn'tit recorded in 2015? Thanks for the answer!

  2. Doesn’t work- still just saves it to the Planes playlist

  3. Try to tap and hold it. This should work (I said it wrongly)

  4. The long tap used to work for me but its broken now. Do u know a fix for that?

  5. It happens for me too, hopefull they fix this soon.

  6. Looks like this is probably a production-made song that was created specially for the toy

  7. Unlike Android, you can't just reenter the passwrd to sign in again but you have to remove your Google Account (NicroG) from your device and then add it again.

  8. How to keep YouTube Music on Windows 10 playing after accidentally closing Chrome

  9. You have to create an entirely new Google Account but first you have to sign out and add the new one as first otherwise it will insist on this screen (this is caused because it will first try to sign in to the primary Google Account

  10. The "Video paused" message is not associated with YouTube Premium. It's there to prevent playing videos when you're not there

  11. be glad i get inconvenienced because of other peoples triggers? sorry but no...

  12. It's not such a big of a deal. Just press I understand and you are able to play the video right away.

  13. For those who didn’t get it: It should show the browser page name (which is the name of the song in this case), but it showed the error that shows when you open YTMusic in an unsupported browser

  14. You still can’t access them even with the link (or you can access them but not play them)

  15. And next year , it will be making videos 54 years old.

  16. I remember when I first heard Parnassia in 2014! It was unreleased at that time

  17. This is bad that it happenned to you. Just try to create a entirely new Google Account, and from there, you should be able to make a new YouTube channel (but if you’re on a PC, then first Sign out of your previous account). But this time around, watch out that nobody will hack your account again.

  18. You can try to create a new channel with a new Google Account. But if you upload the same type of videos, you will get it banned too, and maybe if you get banned multiple times, your entire IP network will get banned.

  19. Can't wait till I get my copyright notice even tho I didn't do anything

  20. If you don’t have any videos, it’s impossible (even though anything can happen on YouTube these days)

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