1. yeah uh, i for one would really rather not play nuclear russian roulette would only take a handful falling to fuck the planet up, and you do realize nukes have counter measures to IADS?

  2. its not about the detonation, its the fallout............... the US+USSR fucking figured this shit out in the 80's

  3. The fallout will cause illness but humanity will survive. We will develop innate resistance to leukemia. If we let China live China will take over the world for 1000000 years. But if we take action now we might have only 1 million people left, but we will preserve our democracy 💪💪💪

  4. Because it’s a dumb question. Why would it show the type of medicine on the outside of a package, people need to stop and think for 2 seconds, does this question I’m asking make sense.

  5. First the package will not have the medication your taking on it. It’s done through the postal service and really no one cares what your taking. As for pharmacist and technicians it’s just another prescription in a long long list of medications to be filled on any given day.

  6. Don't engage him, his whole purpose is to get people mad. Check his post history, he's evil.

  7. Слава Украине, Слава наций, Слава Фашисты, смерть за Россию! Русский язык будет умер в этот сведения ВОЙНА! ГОЙЙЙЙЙДА ГОЙЙДА ГОЙДАААА!

  8. I don't know, I'm not azov supporter :)

  9. Your comment doesn't make any sense. Just looks like a random set of words

  10. Кто-то, бедная, как я, Ночь прослушает тебя, Не смыкаючи очей, Утопаючи в слезах?

  11. The limitations are clearly stated. It can only read files open in the editor. It only looks at 100 lines are so. My codebase is so large it often doesn't respond to prompts at all. I think it's overwhelmed.

  12. Use GPT-4-32K + Code vector database or recurrent memory arch models.

  13. Oh, I was thinking of GitHub co-pilot. I don't use ChatGPT for code at all because it writes worse code than an intern.

  14. It's a great song. Iz za ostrava na strezhen, na prostor rechvoi volni, viplivayut rasvisnie stenki razin I chelni!

  15. We only fought the Nazis after we couldn't make money off them anymore.

  16. Soviets only fought nazis after they couldn’t take over more land (poland) with them anymore. Molotov-Ribbentrop

  17. How the fuck are you supposed to "tend and befriend" financial insecurity

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