1. our entire friend group is the crazy one i scream gravity falls quotes at one of my friends and he responded with more

  2. i imagine all of these being read by polygon donut and it is funny

  3. wet is a conspiracy made up by the government to distract us with this debate rather than [political statement]

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but seems pretty childish to be watching mysticat in the first place

  5. well it’s always interesting to see what he can do in minecraft with just command blocks

  6. Yea but that's def a wall in the back

  7. but what is it made of? wood? concrete? whatever they use for residential homes?

  8. Can you prove that the picture wasn't taken in a vacuum?

  9. the cameraman is not dead. but he might as well be god so that doesn’t really count

  10. it goes for so long as well!! how long did it take to set up?

  11. make sure no-one adds valkyrien skies mod to the server

  12. that strawberry ice cream from a few years back was fucking delicious but i won’t ever find it again

  13. am i crazy? the bag looks like it suddenly swaps for a similar looking one when picked up.

  14. https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mkluVgy-iAVNFe7YqlrTkbcC7SCrUeQpE&feature=share

  15. Technically, yes. Unless its bedrock

  16. I remember testing lava and it seemed to work, along with plain old netherrack fire, you don't need to waste 3 logs and some charcoal

  17. but the charcoal and wood is infinite, breaking a campfire gives more charcoal than to make it. i use it for boilers early game

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