1. Yeah, it would be pretty easy to see the marks left behind from melting if you’ve ever melted stone before, and then let it harden, you can see massive striations, and wavy lines that occur when the rock rapidly cools, unlike what happens when it melts naturally within the mantle.

  2. These people look “light skinned” compared to other black people, is this due to colonization or are they just naturally this light skinned? Pardon me if I said something offensive lol, just dont know these days…

  3. Nah it ain’t. You and I could go do this with a green morph suit and Blender in about an hour or so. I’ve seen cooler stuff on less of a budget

  4. Unless you have a Hollywood budget I’m like very sure you would see some visual artifacts, essentially, you should be able to tell that someone is in a green suit lifting that object, because VFX on a casual budget is not that easy to completely hide.

  5. Maybe because there was just an incident involving toxic gasses entering the air 🤦

  6. I think he’s referring to the train derailment that released toxic gasses into the air in Ohio.

  7. So you're butthurt that a 1989 report said the point of no return was 2000 but you yourself just admitted we passed the point of no return. Can't make this shit up.

  8. The only one who seems butthurt is you tbh considering you’re attacking my character and my intelligence claiming that I lack critical thinking… I didn’t insult you and I don’t care to because I don’t know you personally. Like I said I was just pointing out that we are too far gone according to this article and efforts might be better spent looking for cleaner energy technologies, rather than continuously mitigating a problem that can’t be fixed.

  9. First of all you’re taking my words out of context and miss quoting me, I said that “I’m not certain it’s mostly caused by humans”

  10. In my experience many people are giant idiots :) We use the NCNS day one code regularly.

  11. I don’t think you’re actually working HR, your language doesn’t seem appropriate even if we are only online and the type of attitude you have seems wrong for your position. Maybe you should get fired..

  12. This isn’t even a very hi-tech plate it’s just a plate of hardened steel and a thick felt spall pad and a foam comfort plate… cheap and easy to make.

  13. I mean to be fair we likely wouldn’t be able to supply the high demand of produce in the US if we didn’t use pesticides that work… So to satisfy both sides of the argument this actually might be the best option. As long as this vaccine isn’t as garbage as the covid-19 vaccine.

  14. No, I think you’re just trying really really hard to find a machine to rage against.

  15. You don’t have to try at all, it’s quite obvious and you’re trying really hard to avoid the obvious truth… sus

  16. Half of this sub: "I can give no scientific justification besides "DNA" for how a partially formed fetus is fully human... but it's not religious I swear."

  17. What do you mean besides DNA, isn’t that enough of a determining factor for deciding wether something is a separate life form?… if we were studying alien life on another planet wouldn’t we inspect their DNA to see their differences between us and them or them and other creatures in and around them? Even on earth some creatures live within other creatures, should we not consider them different because one is within the other?

  18. This the first art piece I’ve seen in my life that make me wanna go raw dog all the damn time. Good on the folks in the comments correcting them, “we need more people not less”. I find it funny that the same people who talk about going to mars some day are also the ones who won’t shut up about over population, like we are sooo severely under populated to do any exploring in space. Hell I don’t even think we have enough to do any real work in the oceans.

  19. From what I understand most people who want to go to Mars are fans of Elon Musk and if they knew anything about him they would likely understand that our birthing rate is in the decline and we actually need to change that asap.

  20. I’m very curious to know how those striations were created I’m assuming through either ancient tectonic plate movement or some sort of running liquid but I really have no idea I would love to know.

  21. Freedom of Speech, it is part of the 1st amendment for a reason… Simple as that!

  22. Not trying to be mean or anything but it sounds like you’re a bit impotent and she is a bit selfish. You might just have to find a new woman brother... I’ve heard testosterone replacement therapy works well with that type of stuff. Most men are pretty horny, doesn’t mean all but it’s likely a good +90%.

  23. km89 says:

    He mentioned SSRIs. Classifying him as "a bit impotent" is wrong. It's the meds, not him, and those side effects can be treated.

  24. Cool anyways his wife does sound like a bitch and they don’t seem like the right match for each other.

  25. He did create the payment system for PayPal, I never said he created PayPal. And he did create his tunnel system in the ‘attempts’ to relieve traffic I never said he accomplish that, it was the thought that counted in my opinion. You also sound like one of those jealous people he is an entrepreneur and of course you need help to become successful. Of the 46 billion required to buy Twitter he put up 33 billion of his own money that’s a shit ton of your own money to use, again you’re undermining him. You’re being way too critical and undermining those very difficult achievements. If it was as easy as you make it seem everybody would be doing it. And even if you think SpaceX is his only actual accomplishment it is by far one of the greatest he literally re-imagined the space race and we’re back in it now, That in itself is an amazing accomplishment that most people cannot claim, get over yourselves stop being so jealous..

  26. Yeah designing a rocket that can land itself before NASA was able to do it is definitely not earning it. Creating the payment system for PayPal is definitely not earning it. Creating an autonomous electric vehicle company that is better than every other competitor who is already in the game is not earning it. Creating a tunnel system in the attempt to relieve traffic is not earning it. Spending his own money to buy a social media platform in the attempts to save a open public forum is not earning it… yea the people that actually think like that are just delusional, stop being jealous losers, If you don’t like the way he’s doing it then do it better and stop complaining.

  27. Being a server should not be a lifelong career for anybody it should be something that a young person does. The fact that people are able to make it into their careers says that they are getting paid way too much.

  28. And to think a small tax increase on tea n folks picked up rifles to fight tyranny.

  29. Yeah like others have said it wasn’t about the tea it was about taxation without representation. Essentially the British were able to tax anything they wanted at any time and can increase it at any rate without a reason. Basically how many corporations act nowadays, With just a bit more bureaucracy.

  30. I think it would be crazy to believe goverment space agencies like NASA who get paid 50 million dollars daily in tax payers

  31. You completely ignored the point that I just made…I literally said private companies have gone into space and have taken their own pictures of earth.

  32. Space is a vacuum... a negative pressure system. We live in positive pressure. A positive pressure system and a negative pressure system cannot coexist side by side without a solid barrier.

  33. Take a look for your self lol, This is someone’s personal telescope looking at planets that have an atmosphere keeping space out and it’s own gas is within. Please explain this “negative/positive”pressure system again bahaha

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