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  1. No one is going to pay PER CHAT if the AI gives the wrong answer, which is does frequently, until it has 100% accuracy which is impossible. Subscription or they lose the customer base.

  2. I wish these devs would STOP adding more F'ing clutter

  3. How do I freaking remove it??? Also you guys re-enabled the tracking BS I had already disabled in settings! Thanks, NOT. I DREAD your firefox updates.

  4. I personally would go with a bridge-but maybe a resin bonded bridge rather than conventional as it preserves your natural tooth structure-worst that will happen is it de-bonds.

  5. Can you get a resin bonded bridge on a missing middle back tooth? In the same situation as the poster right now, and no one, not my ortho, dentist, or surgeon mentioned this option.

  6. What did you ultimately decide to go with? I have the exact same situation as you, baby tooth with no adult tooth (27 yrs old) which was already removed (middle back of left side of mouth). Not enough bone for an implant, and stuck between an 88%-92% chance of success sinus lift + bone graft, or a bridge (all surrounding teeth are healthy). It seems like a lose, lose. Surgeon also said he will have to cut a dime size hole in the sinus and peel it off the bone in order to "lift it", apparently this is normal but sounds very scary. Would appreciate hearing what you went with, thanks!

  7. Updates should be optional, not forced, and rolling back should always be possible if said update breaks something. If that was the case, I'd roll it back and wouldn't have complained. However, they purposefully make it impossible to roll back feature updates without fully uninstalling the browser and hardcoding it to not update.

  8. Well, seeing as you're an IT admin, I'm sure I won't have to tell you not to do your banking or check your email in that outdated browser - but in case it's relevant to others :)

  9. Solution: add: ui.textScaleFactor and set it to 100.

  10. yeah, forgot to update post to resolved, appreciate response

  11. I also tried playing with: font.size.systemFontScale and it didn't help

  12. if you are running the cloud key gen 2 you arent running the latest

  13. Ah okay, odd that its saying its the latest update. Appreciate the response!

  14. Yeah, eventually I was able to locate a different website that I had never accessed, and from there I was able to locate a completely different check for software updates button, and that button worked. (why does there have to be like 5 different websites to manage my cloud key....grr). SSH via PuTTY never let me in even with the correct SSH password, which was really strange.

  15. It also worked from me. I have used this version:

  16. This should not be default? Do you have some sort of extension installed? I have the latest Firefox on Linux and don't have this at all

  17. It just popped up. I figured out how to disable it however:

  18. Missing my second founders pack and the T4 drop, AGS f*cking sucks

  19. Just give it some time. I've got all of mine, but some people on my server still haven't.

  20. I got the first box, but not the platinum founders pack second item yet, I think I'm just screwed, I am so upset

  21. Hang in there bro, I’d give it some time. Seems like they’re working through it. If you don’t have everything in a day or two I’d just open a ticket.

  22. Thanks, I'm contact support now just so it's logged in there system

  23. What do you mean not sure why it eats 99%? Your settings are such that your card needs to devote 99% of its total load to displaying the game on your screen.

  24. Just doesn't make sense is all, I can run star citizen easily, cyberpunk etc on my 5700XT, just somehow this game maxes out my card on like medium-high settings. I think most games wont chew through 99%, they like leave a buffer of space

  25. Disliking a chef's one thing but saying "STFU and cry bitch" is a whole nother thing

  26. If people said STFU and cry bitch to a male chef it wouldn't be the top reddit post. Just saying.

  27. Ah yes, I forgot, saying Britney and not Whitney on accident in 2021 makes me a woman hater. Best call the hate police and come round me up Mr. Cooper. It's not like I also rooted for alligator gumbo guy in season 2, and I don't remember his name.

  28. its so overused. which is kinda sad. people at this point just make fun of anybody expressing enjoyment for anything

  29. The reason its so "overused" is because its effective. It makes people who enjoy stuff like marvel mald all their hair away, and its hilarious. BatChest.

  30. Of course reddit comments will be soy, and Twitch chat will be Sigma. This is just the way things are

  31. that's upsetting. but thx for the answer.

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