1. I’ve done it. I’ve watched the vod, I endured the pain. In the end I was laughing my ass off the entire time. 10/10

  2. You know no one believes you speak for anyone but yourself, right?

  3. tenemos una alianza con los de bandera azul y rosa camarada

  4. Why not? Most of the flags are establishing peace with their neighbors via hearts.

  5. cwe never agreed to peace you guys are forcing your peace heart on us that we clearly dont want on our flag

  6. no plz we dont want your heart on our flag we are asking nicely can youg uys plz stop trying to fix the heart

  7. I love the look of the sl so much more, I like the rgb in the middle of the fan on the Al’s too though

  8. Lian li is literally making a fan of the 2 things u like put together plus there’s a infinite mirror in each corner. It’s on their instagram

  9. I mean you could say that about miles's game as well and they still made that but whatever I still think it would be cool for other spideys to have their own games

  10. No se are chilling on spider men games they should focus on other hero’s such as Wolverine

  11. What do all those villains have in common? Purple and green color schemes.

  12. I feel like they should make Andrew Garfield the Ben Rily of the mcu. Maybe he wanted to stay in toms universe but their obviously can be 2 Peter Parker’s so he changes his identity to Ben Riley

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