1. Oh right! Neo needs to be with them

  2. this is normal chosen one behavior

  3. John Williams and Hans Zimmer are legends

  4. If into the security recordings you go… only pain will you find.

  5. I honestly didn’t even know he made a similar comment

  6. This is sadly the only post I can say I understand and laughed at from this sub

  7. This looks like a vim propaganda poster from a future dystopian world

  8. The druggies in my elementary school used to sniff the hand sanitizer after washing their hands

  9. I was thinking of when you get a cut and use hand sanitizer and it burns

  10. DIO's gonna do those carDIO exercise on that joroto bike

  11. Def Yoda's if you can fit on it. The others are at a 90° bend, which is super lame on my back

  12. Idk, I reckon the one on the very left is fairly comfortable

  13. Look at the arm rest, they seem to be made of stone, but the corners are pointed. Thats instantly uncomfortable

  14. Alright autobots, let’s roll out.

  15. Amazing, how did you learn how to do this?

  16. I know this is an semi-old post but I wanted to leave a message in case it might help someone. I plugged the RCA cables into the back of the vhs output and then the usb into my pc, but it kept saying no device detected. I was able to get it to work by going into windows settings->privacy and security->windows security->device security and turn off core isolation. After restarting it was working. I'm on windows 11 btw using elgato video capture and driver.

  17. segfault is just when you access memory outside bounds of what you should right?

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